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Intro - Hello from the Dragon Dystopia!


Greetings all!

I am so excited to have found this website and these forums. Looks like a great resource for information and making friends in the fantasy writing/reading community.

I have just recently become a published author. I have a short story out with Kyanite Publishing, and I will be publishing a novel with them in 2021, which is both thrilling and terrifying. I'm hoping to get some advice here about getting ready to market my first book.

You can find out more at Momtoast | Writing • Gaming • Podcasting | Story is a yearning meeting an obstacle.
Welcome Momtoast!

Congrats on the published story and the novel! How exciting! There are lots of folk around here with experience in the publishing/self-publishing realm so I hope they, or browsing all of the past forum questions, can be of help to you. Good luck! :)