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Not Another Intro Thread

Hey all,

I'm not from this world. I was simply rushing out the door to my class, trying to scarf down some buttered toast when out of nowhere a truck came at me! And now I find myself in this strange new world known as a "forum." Will I be able to survive and make a new life...?

But in all seriousness, found the forum through a random Google search on Elf stereotypes and was glad to see an active community.



Myth Weaver
I told em all. If we keep making radio broadcasts and letting drift into space we are gonna be invaded. And here is is. I hope we're all happy.

welcome to the site niai.
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Myth Weaver
Hail and well-met NotAnotherIsekaiAuthor
Good to have you here
It is quite surprising the range of interweb searches that brought the MS denizens to this place!
Thanks all. And don't worry too much about an invasion; I'm mainly a lurker on my sites. Once I've got a few questions out of my head I'll have to remind myself to check in.