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As the sun sets on another day


Hello all, It is twilight here in Seattle, and the clouds are pink and purple on the western horizon. I am MommaKat, and I've been writing in an amateurish fashion for years, but only recently started with more dedication in the last couple months. I am a healer (nurse), birder, hiker, photographer, mom, grandma and life partner.
I love to write and am finding I want to go back to English classes I took more than thirty years ago to relearn the technical aspect, I've been out of that for so long, I couldn't tell you why a phrase of writing is wrong, only that it IS.
I cut my sci-fi/fantasy teeth on Piers Anthony, Anne McCaffrey, and Mercedes Lackey among others. Currently writing about a nurse who is also a druidic healer.
I hope to learn more about writing, and learn to write better.
Blessed Be


Hi MommaKat and welcome. Piers Anthony and Anne McCaffrey. Flashback to the eighties for me. I remember reading the Incarnations of Immortality series and thinking, "What is this guy about?" Also remember a couple of his more *ahem* interesting short stories and thinking the same, only more so.


The Incarnations series still holds a special place in my reading. I still own the original copies, rather battered, I might say, and have them on Kindle as well. As a young adult, these books influenced my beliefs regarding spirituality and religion as a whole, things I explore to this day as I am past the mid-fifty mark in my life. Now the "ahem" is making me want to go dig the books out again, lol.