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Another Aspiring Novelist

Hello everyone!

My name is Madeline, and I'm a Historic Preservationist currently living in England while I pursue my Master's in Stained Glass Conservation. However, while I love all things history and architecture, my true love is in writing. Since I was in middle school I've built worlds for entertainment and escapism, but around High School I discovered that while I loved to write, I was crippled by the thoughts and critiques of my peers. I knew if I couldn't take criticism within my works, I would never be able to write professionally.

So, I stopped writing for the next ten years. But lately I've felt a familiar tug back to the world of writing. I'm intimidated, and as always, worried too much about the reader while I'm just building the story's rough components.

While I'm excited to finally tackle the building and completion of a novel, I realize something I've always been missing in this field is a sense of community. I've never surrounded myself with other writers. I've spent some time shadowing other writing forums here and I'm excited to engage and converse with you all! I hope this will allow me to finally come out of my shell and get over my anxieties regarding my work.

Me genres of interest are: Historic Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.


šŸ˜ join us in [game] Last one to post wins and I'm trying to turn that into a static low key casual chat eventually. Where you can just casually share anything without the formality of a new thread. You can guarantee I'll be posting in and reading that one. I want to make it such that there's nothing "off topic" and anything goes... hopefully.


Myth Weaver
Howdy FV. Welcome here. Crippled is not good. No need to fear the community. We are all in it together and your success is our success.