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Yet another aspiring author


New Member
Hello everyone!

I'm yet another aspiring author, and I discovered this website today and I thought I'd stop by.

I write science fiction and fantasy. I'm currently in the process of querying my first science fiction novel to literary agents while working on my first fantasy novel.

I'm excited to engage with other similarly inspired authors, and you all look quite intelligent, so I'm pretty sure I'm going to learn a lot from you all.



Myth Weaver
Hail and well met Tavenor
Good to have you here.
Hope you find MS as supporting and helpful as I do.
Don't know about intelligent, but we can be sneaky...


New Member
Well I've been perusing some of the discussion boards this morning while at work, and people do seem to have a decent head on their shoulders. I'm curious to see where the sneakiness comes from.


Hey there! Nice to have another new face around. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your projects--best of luck with your querying!