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Hello! :)


Hello! I was reading some threads on here, and thought I'd sign up as well. It seems to be a great place to connect, and get help with fantasy writing, which is lovely. :shame:

I'm an "author" of sorts, and just generally enjoy reading and storytelling. Especially fantasy stories! Can't wait to start!

Au revoir,
-RoseScript <3


Myth Weaver
Hail and well-met RoseScript
Good to have you here.
That's how MS lures you in....Interesting threads, answers you didn't know you needed, fellow writers...
And an open bar, Or is that last one just me?
Leap on in and enjoy.
I've never read "sorts". Do they rhyme?;)


toujours gai, archie
Welcome to the Scribes. Here you will find other writers of sorts. And some out of sorts. But a great community of any sort!