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  1. pmmg

    Book Finished, what now?

    So, I finished the one that had been on hold for forever, and I went back and polished the first. Told myself I would not publish the first till the second was written, and now it is. So what now? Beta readers? Editors? cover art? Blurbs? I've been educating up. And am now looking at Reedsy...
  2. Alexandrea

    Good morning from the east coast

    Hello! I am a very introverted person and thus to be social I have turned to online services. I debated writing everything in poem-form but since I am not familiar with any of you yet, I'll refrain for now. I self publish and have done so with seven books (my first series) and am currently...
  3. S

    Interested in being published via podcast?

    WANT A CHANCE TO GET YOUR NAME IN FRONT OF MILLIONS OF POTENTIAL READERS? KEEP READING... I am currently considering getting into business with an online media company that publishes news about the Fantasy/sci-fi industry. The company has millions of monthly website visitors and multiple...