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Interested in being published via podcast?

Discussion in 'Publishing' started by Seth son of Tom, Dec 16, 2019.

  1. Seth son of Tom

    Seth son of Tom Minstrel


    I am currently considering getting into business with an online media company that publishes news about the Fantasy/sci-fi industry. The company has millions of monthly website visitors and multiple Facebook pages with hundreds of thousands if not millions of total followers.

    If I get into business with this company, one of the projects that I am strongly considering is producing and publishing podcasts.

    This could be an excellent opportunity for fantasy novel writers to get their names out there in front of millions of people. I’m looking for potential podcast hosts who might like to work with this company in exchange for publicity and an opportunity to build your following.

    This would not be a paid position (at least not initially… it’s possible that that could change in the future). But you would have the opportunity to talk about who you are, what book you are working on or have written, where people can follow you on social media, etc. You would have the opportunity to promote your published works or build up a following that would make you more attractive to publishers in the future.

    If this sounds interesting to you, then here is how it might work:

    Send me a message or comment on this thread letting me know that you’re interested in hosting a podcast for us. Feel free to briefly share a little about yourself, your experiences/goals as a writer and so on. Please also include the type of podcast that you would propose hosting. This might be a podcast form of a novel (that has NOT been published anywhere else, including self publishing or blogging). An option for this type of podcast would be to share a story that takes place in the same world as one of your novels.

    It could also be a live play D&D style podcast. Or it could be more news based where you talk about fantasy/sci-fi industry news, rumors, fan theories, etc. You’re also free to suggest some other style, if you think it could be popular and well received.

    The frequency of how often you podcast would probably partially depend on your own preferences, as well as the type of podcast.

    If this sounds interesting to you, go ahead and post in this thread or send me a private message. Please include a valid email address.

    Afterwards we can talk further. As I mentioned, it’s still not totally certain that I’m going to get into business with this media company. A lot is still up in the air. I also can’t guarantee that we would want to produce/publish your podcast.

    But it would still be good to hear from you sooner rather than later, so that we can hit the ground running if/when this happens. I’ll probably want to do some type a phone interview with you. I’ll also want to have a recording sample of your voice at some point so that I can ensure that you have a good, clear speaking voice. And I’ll also want to have a clear idea of what exactly you would be sharing on the podcast. (Note: It would have to be pretty family-friendly, so things like strong language and sexual content would not be appropriate.)

    So I think that covers it. Thanks so much for your time! I look forward to hearing from you!

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