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  1. Alison Lawrence

    Social Media

    Any thoughts, challenges? Pros and cons for writers.
  2. L.L. Maurizi

    starting a writing blog

    Hey guys! i'll be starting a writing blog soon and i will likely post it on my website, and facebook, BUT i wanted to start using a more specific blog-oriented site or tool. there are lots of options and some research online gave me a good idea, but i wanted to ask you guys here about what you...
  3. L.L. Maurizi

    How do I go about it? Marketing/advertising is daunting

    Ever since I started writing my book, despite the many challenges involved in making that idea become a story, the thought that always kept me up at night the most was how to advertise my book and how to promote myself as an aspiring author to a potential audience that does not know of my...
  4. Momtoast

    Newsletter with Free Gift?

    Greetings all. I'm hoping to start growing my newsletter list over this year, so that when my book comes out in the Spring I will have a fan base to announce it to. So here's the question: Do you give away something free when people sign up for your newsletter? What kind of things do you give...
  5. S

    Interested in being published via podcast?

    WANT A CHANCE TO GET YOUR NAME IN FRONT OF MILLIONS OF POTENTIAL READERS? KEEP READING... I am currently considering getting into business with an online media company that publishes news about the Fantasy/sci-fi industry. The company has millions of monthly website visitors and multiple...

    Goodreads giveaways

    Hi all, I've recently run a giveaway on Goodreads to help promote my novella Toybox. I'd done some research and saw it as a good opportunity to create exposure and maybe generate a few reviews. However, I hadn't considered the negative aspects. You see, giveaways selects random winners...