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  1. Righmath

    Self Publishing: Interested?

    Hey everyone, I'm currently knee-deep in the second draft of my first book and I'm already thinking ahead to publishing. After doing some research, I'm starting to lean towards self-publishing rather than approaching a traditional publisher. Why settle for a small piece of the profits that I...
  2. pmmg

    Starting a Company

    Question for those who are having success. Have you done, or given thought to, making your own publishing company, or creating yourself as an LLC, or Sole Proprietor. If so, why? and what did you learn or would recommend? One area where I see there might be a reason is working with Ingram...
  3. pmmg

    Traditional Publishing vs Indy, or Self Publishing

    So, seems the trend in many of our publishing threads as skewed towards self publishing. I am wondering if anyone is looking towards traditional publishing anymore? or has it all gone Indy. Do you feel that the path towards traditional is too much of a hurdle, and do you think you lose...
  4. TWErvin2

    Dueling Ogres Podcast Interview

    I was interviewed on the Dueling Ogres Podcast, where we talk about a lot of things (the concerns of self-driving cars, history and historical fiction, my writing and the process and my books, and a lot more. If you have a bit of time, check it out. The hosts, Brandon and Remington are pretty...
  5. d20kaiju

    Places to Post Your Serialized for Free?

    Does anyone have any websites or platforms where you can publish your work for free consumption? I know of Wattpad, but that seems to be geared toward a younger audience. I would be especially interested in any that specialize in fantasy. If you have more than one, which is your favorite, and...
  6. S

    Interested in being published via podcast?

    WANT A CHANCE TO GET YOUR NAME IN FRONT OF MILLIONS OF POTENTIAL READERS? KEEP READING... I am currently considering getting into business with an online media company that publishes news about the Fantasy/sci-fi industry. The company has millions of monthly website visitors and multiple...
  7. The Sage's Lot - my completed novel

    The Sage's Lot - Prologue Pt3

    Again Xylin looked about the room, expecting at least one of the local drunkards to have spat out his ale at the spectacle, and yet on they drank, oblivious to a working of sagecraft greater than any Xylin had ever witnessed in all his years walking Rubeyah. This was insanity, yet there it was...
  8. The Sage's Lot - my completed novel

    The Sage's Lot - Prologue Pt2

    Xylin’s escape thereafter involved no more bloodshed, shifting to his insubstantial form to become almost invisible in the shadows and once again pass through those iron-barred gates like tobacco smoke escaping a gap-toothed smile. Now though, some tolls of the bell later, Xylin didn’t find...
  9. The Sage's Lot - my completed novel

    The Sage's Lot - Prologue Pt1

    Prologue Again he swallowed, and again the stinging ichor these westerners dared call wine made Xylin want to retch. Was he drunk? Surely not. One, two, three bottles wouldn’t do it. A little tipsy? Perhaps. But drunk? Never. Such foolishness was unthinkable, yet ever since reading those...
  10. J

    Twitter or Facebook

    A question that has no doubt been asked many times, but bares re- examining. For you, as a writer, which is the better platform for raising awareness of your stories? I'm not talking about sales, more 'getting the word out.'
  11. Storm Wolf

    Writing a synopsis for proposal to publisher

    Hi all, I'm writing a theoretical book proposal for a university project, and using my fantasy novel (which is not finished). This is to help me to learn more about the publication process and to get feedback. I'm looking at TOR Books, and their guidelines are as follows: " 2. A synopsis of...