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  1. _Michael_

    ChatGPT For World Building?

    I've been using ChatGPT for awhile to sort of fill in some of the details and give me blocks of expository information that I then edit and include. Anyone else do this? I know ChatGPT isn't perfect, but with proper supervision, it's pretty useful, and I've even used it to flesh out some basic...
  2. M

    Lost in Freyda

    Purpose Worldbuild a d&d campaign booklet. Design Worldbuilding in d&d generally creates a setting but leaves the adventure an open sandbox. Lost in Freyda campaign is being built to provide a "choose your own adventure" approach giving players multiple choices (more writers will result in...
  3. Yaron P

    world building tips ?

    Hey everyone if you see this post I am very happy then , you know , it is my first writing a book and I am not very knowledgeable about worldbuilding . I do have an ideal world for my book though :giggle:.
  4. Lastdragonslayer09

    cool kingdom names

    I'm looking for name ideas for the northern capital of my world which is similar to Scandinavia with a bit of a fantasy take
  5. L.L. Maurizi

    My Map

    I saw a post by sgbii with their map which has a lot of interesting feedback, so I thought I'd throw mine in here too, to see what you all think. I made the map with INKARNATE MAP (REDDIT)
  6. Trailofstardust

    Would writing a landscape made from a dead giant be ripping off The Owl House?

    The concept of locations/landscapes created from the body of an enormous creature is nothing new; Ymir in Norse mythology and Pan Gu from Chinese mythology are both creation myths where the world is created from the body of a dead giant. However, currently the Disney cartoon The Owl House is...
  7. somerandomkid

    How to deal with two "chosen ones"?

    I have a story that, so far, has two chosen ones. Neither was created naturally; one by cult ritual and the other by specific experimental breeding of a part-angel human and a part-devil human. Essentially, the one created by ritual (D) was raised to be the messiah for the isolated cult he...
  8. osimur_wil

    Worshipping a dead god

    Hello. It's been a long, long time since I posted here. But I have returned, older and (supposedly) wiser. But we can catch up later, for now I posit a question. What does a religion look like when you worship a dead god? I'm not talking about a god that's fallen out of mainstream favor, like...
  9. Mothyards

    A new idea brings new world build potential! An idea for magic

    Hi! One of my preferred pass times is to world build a bit! I ended up writing a short piece of fiction that I hope to share with y’all soon that I never meant to be anything special, however I’ve been thinking about it and it’s been expanding a bit. Recently I thought of how magic might work in...
  10. M

    Having a problem with creation story for fantasy world

    I was trying to come up with some kind of creation/origin story for my fantasy world as it exists in the main part of the story, and have run into a bit of a race issue. I was thinking it would be cool if there were different hollows in this world that were each run by a family and had an animal...
  11. Ž.J.

    Religion in a fantasy setting.

    Greetings to all you good folks! I took a long break from this forum, but yet i am back and i want to ask thee several question about religion in worldbuilding (medieval fantasy setting). In my own setting i struggle a bit with inventing a properly functioning religion for one of my...
  12. Michael Roy

    Is giving mortals a way to temporary immortality too op?

    I have a story finished up, but I'm reconsidering making some major edits. I came up with two potions that could give mortals (aka humans) temporary powers in this story. One called Immortalem Interficere allows a mortal person the power to kill an immortal person for 24 hours. The catch is...
  13. Nimbia: The druids of Prima

    Nimbia: The druids of Prima

    here im posting the stories and lore of the godess Prima and her druids, archdruids and some other creatures that inhabit the forests and lush jungles of Prima at the East of Nimbia, I will also include the different uses of druidcraft and accept some help from here to implement stuff and create...
  14. J

    Getting opinions

    Hey guys I was wondering if I could get some opinions on the foundations of my world I put it up on youtube for convenience sake. I just got done with the major races and I plan on making videos on locations to fill the world with interesting places if anyone is interested in telling me what you...
  15. Fantasy Writing

    Writing fantasy: Choosing a plot, Lesson 1

    One of the most difficult things a person can do when creating a new novel is creating a plot. But there are ways around this. In the last portfolio entry I talked about keeping a short notebook on hand and writing in it, this is where it really comes in handy. I carry mine round with me...
  16. Worldbuilding 101

    Worldbuilding 101

    Worldbuilding 101 I will not say I know everything about worldbuilding, but I do have a good knowledge of how to so light worldbuilding, like that of Harry Potter, and Hard worldbuilding, like that of The Lord of The Rings. (Please note that in this I will be using Medieval Fantasy as my base...
  17. Toby Johnson

    What are some good side quests?

    In one of my latest books I want a list of side quests so that, if the story just gets a bit bland and boring: such as walking though a forest, I can add in something to break it up. The story is set in Medieval fantasy and my characters in the group are and elf, a dwarf, a wizard, and a human...
  18. TJPoldervaart

    Inspiration questions for winds of light

    For a WIP of mine I'm currently in the worldbuilding phase, and I wondering if some of you would care to give some input/ inspiration. So: In a world where winds of light cause extremely rapid plant growth, what are the first three (worldbuilding) questions that pop into your mind as a reader...
  19. Maria Heath

    Ask me about linguistics, conlangs, and the social use of language

    Are you writing a story in which characters use language to communicate? Then you may need to think about linguistic worldbuilding! (While I debated about whether to post this here or in Worldbuilding, I think here is more appropriate, since I intend to draw on my knowledge of a real-world...
  20. S.T. Ockenner

    Worldbuilding: Magic System Subforum

    I notice that some forums (e.g. Writing Challenges) have sub-forums (e.g. Weekly Writing Challenge). I think World-Building should have a Magic System sub-forum for magic system advice specifically, given the vast amount of magic system based threads. Can someone implement this please?