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  1. Miles Lacey


    I've been working as a scrutineer for a political party I'm a member of at a local polling station as part of the New Zealand General Election. Basically, I just sit and look for anything that might look suspicious as votes are cast. Sitting there doing next to nothing in a polling booth got...
  2. Onemaus

    Creating a religious system/order

    Hey everyone, thank y'all for taking the time to read this. It means a lot. I've started getting into the church infiltration scene of my W.I.P. and have come across five characters that, at this point in the story, are very unique. They are: three Fathers and Mothers, specifically the Earth...
  3. Onemaus

    Lore or Story first?

    Over the past year I've worked on a few short stories (more like concepts) that have been part of the same world, unbeknownst to me at the time. I know find myself crafting a "new" world with it's own mythology, history, and all. I recently drafter a bit of the Creation story and found myself...
  4. Akira444

    Fantasia: The Inhabitants of Terra

    Today's entry will be about the two major races that inhabit Terra: humans and faeries, as well as the two gods who created their world. Please note that some of this info is subject to change, and if you're wondering what Terra is, be sure to check out the first part of this Fantasia lore dump...
  5. Akira444

    Fantasia: The World of Terra

    Fantasia is a new fantasy series that I started working on for the past year and I've already written eleven chapters for the story. Before all that, I had written down detailed descriptions of the world, its inhabitants, the magic system, and plots for each story. Today's entry will be about...
  6. Akira444

    Thoughts and Opinions

    Hey, there! I'm new to the site, and I'm just throwing this little topic out there for all to read. Just wanted to see what people thought of the magic system I thought up for my fantasy world. Anyway, here it is: Magic is the practice of manipulating the elements. There are seven elements in...
  7. Samantha England

    Advice on Creating Governing Rules for Magic?

    One of the major aspects of one of my writing projects is its criminal justice system, and while I have a vague idea of the governing laws of magic as set forth by the governing body of this city I am having trouble defining them. The setting is a Dark Fantasy medieval city on the verge of...
  8. B

    Help with magic system/worldbuilding

    Hi, new here and also attempting to iron out some details for my first novella/novel. So some quick context of my initial idea, although have got many details to finish/sort out: so there are magic users (either different species altogether or humans who have somehow gained magic, either by...
  9. D

    Does this backstory make sense?

    Quick back story of my story's plot. I just wanted to know if it sounds feasible and interesting. Does anything sound unrealistic and need re-working? It's not set on earth, but on a planet very similar with no real magic, other than the kind of magic witches used in our medieval times which...
  10. Wansome

    What's your strangest habitat for humans?

    Hi there, fellow worldbuilders! As a worldbuilder, I really enjoy creating special living environments for the humans, but those bring some issues with them. For example, when humans live in a bottle on the ocean floor, how do they get oxygen? Well, every ten years (it takes on average twenty...
  11. Wansome

    What's your craziest worldbuilding idea?

    Hi fellow worldbuilders or just fantasy fans! A few days ago, I came up with a really crazy idea! In a world, there live humans in huge trees on top of a giant's head. I dug deeper into the consequences of such world and came out with something really interesting. For exemple: How do those...
  12. Wansome

    Have you thought about your sun, moon and more?

    Hello fellow travellers! A few weeks ago I came by a youtube channel named Artifexian, a worldbuilder who gives his worlds a sparkle of science. Really interesting in my opinion! So, I tried to give it a go myself and here's a tiny piece of the end result: Coffee 256, my planet, has a counter...
  13. O

    Looking for worldbuilding partners

    Hello ^^ Me and my roommate have been working on a fantasy world on Discord that we would like to use for roleplaying. We are in search for new worldbuilding partners that would like to help us make the world more detailed and interesting. We are looking for both temporary partners and...
  14. adamcbassett

    Worldbuilding Magazine V2I6: Magic

    Worldbuilding Magazine presents our final issue of 2018: the Magic issue! We’ve packed this one with over 60 pages of content, finally tackling a subject near to so many of us. You can expect to find… An artist feature with illustrator Anna Hannon. 2 interviews, featuring Author Ellis Knox and...
  15. adamcbassett

    Worldbuilding Magazine V2I5: Cartography & Navigation

    Worldbuilding Magazine presents our penultimate issue of 2018: the Cartography and Navigation issue!We’ve packed this one full of over 70 pages of content, making it our biggest issue ever! You can expect to find… 2 artist features. 3 interviews, featuring Greg & Dan Cartography. 6 articles on...
  16. Skybreaker Sin K'al

    World Anvil

    As a worldbuilding tool, I haven't used this website much. For anyone who has, I was thinking of getting some starting tips. Anyway, its a free website and everyone can see your settings there. Its kinda cool and I recommend you guys check it out.
  17. J

    Complete Geographical Map of Great Lakes Earth--And the Questions that Come With It

    All the questions are in this link, because of the "thousand-characters" deal.
  18. J Q Kaiser

    Looking for a Good Pun based on Medieval Banking

    I am trying to come up with a good name for a banking firm in my epic fantasy parody story. So far the best I have is Trial by Balance. I feel like there must be better puns I am missing but my knowledge of old world banking being limited, I can't find them. And Googling medieval banking isn't...