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A new idea brings new world build potential! An idea for magic

Discussion in 'World Building' started by Mothyards, Dec 14, 2021.

  1. Mothyards

    Mothyards Dreamer

    Hi! One of my preferred pass times is to world build a bit! I ended up writing a short piece of fiction that I hope to share with y’all soon that I never meant to be anything special, however I’ve been thinking about it and it’s been expanding a bit. Recently I thought of how magic might work in this world and thought I’d share it with you guys!

    In this world, gods are sometimes referred to as “Forces” which accompanies the idea that most people held for a long time, that the gods where not intelligent in any means, just embodiments of forces and aspects of nature and the world around us. When gods act on the world this is referred to as the gods “committing forces”. When committing forces, gods appear on the world in a physical, but changeable body. Sometimes when changing their bodies they leave behind parts of themselves. They can also leave behind parts of the power in objects they affect. If someone eats part of a force, or something that holds their power, this is called “partaking of communion”

    When someone partakes of communion, they will enter a state known as “contract”. While In a contract a person can commit forces on the world around them, based on the god they contract with, and how much residue of power they ingested. If someone uses all the power in a contract, the contract is fulfilled and they loose any power they had. If someone ingest power from a different force, then they loose the old power and gain the new one. This is called “breaking the contract”

    Someone who is in contract can “blaspheme” by ingesting certain materials. Both something that holds that gods power, or something that extends or adds to a gods power. This lengthens the contract and allows someone to use more of that gods power, however most see this as an unholy thing and breaking the contract in an unlawful or blasphemous way, and so is referred to as blaspheming.

    In short, someone can eat part of a god to gain power of a single god for a short time, and allow them to cause reality to recoil in disgust and grant them magic.
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  2. kalencap

    kalencap Acolyte

    Interesting. Will note that if reality recoils in disgust then reality has agency, has emotion, and is essentially more of a character in the story than the “god forces” as described. Could pull it off, but there would be some level of cosmic personality therein.

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