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The godess of Spring

By Hunter · Mar 11, 2021 ·
Here a piece of the godess of the trees and the forest
  1. "I shall see my forest reborn rather than consumed by these vile plague that has corrupted my sons"
    _Prima, The Mother of all

    Prima was the second of all five entities to reach Nimbia, she is represented as a young woman, who has green hair and long pointy ears, with pale skin and yellow eyes, she wears a dress made out of plants, moss, and some shrooms, she is represented normally with many animals, but she is never fighting, due to her motherly and pacifist nature.
    As said before, Prima was the second entity to arrive to the lands of Nimbia, she is the one who gave life to the lands after Iverno sculpted it, she created the living beings of these lands with exception of the Giants, the Dwarves and technically the Fera, but thats a tale for another day, in the first years she create the elven kind who stayed on her forests and jungles, and also created the human kind, who spreaded out into the other regions, once she learned from her brother Iverno how to create magic, she created a many magic arts, shapeshifting, animal talk, plant talk, Plantmancy (yes, i need a better name for that) and once all was set, she showed this almighty power to her followers, the druids, they created rites that determined which magic could they use, finally, she gifted 2 druids with the title of Archdruids, becoming powerful in one of two paths, red path, or the green one, and from that point on, the mantle of Archdruid has been passed trough generations of druids.

    In actuality, something lurks on her domain... something that rots mind and body has made the forest ill, and watever it is, it spreads like the worst sickness through the emerald green of Prima's forest

    About Author

    its me, Hunter! this is part of a world im creating where other three gods inhabit, hope you like this place!

    as for me, im a young writer that is just trying to create stuff, and se if people likes it!


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