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  1. Druidcraft rites

    Druidcraft rites

    As a druid, many magic effects can be evoked, you can shape shift, you can speak to plants and animals, it all depends in the path you choose to follow, the red one will focus on transforming you into the definitve shape shifter and talk with the moving beings of the lands, while the green one...
  2. Nimbia: The druids of Prima

    The godess of Spring

    "I shall see my forest reborn rather than consumed by these vile plague that has corrupted my sons" _Prima, The Mother of all Prima was the second of all five entities to reach Nimbia, she is represented as a young woman, who has green hair and long pointy ears, with pale skin and yellow eyes...
  3. Nimbia: The druids of Prima

    Nimbia: The druids of Prima

    here im posting the stories and lore of the godess Prima and her druids, archdruids and some other creatures that inhabit the forests and lush jungles of Prima at the East of Nimbia, I will also include the different uses of druidcraft and accept some help from here to implement stuff and create...
  4. Part 1: Thornstaffs PoV

    Part 1: Thornstaffs PoV

    Thornstaff scowled as another pebble hit his back. His apprentice had been throwing pebbles at him all morning and seemed to think that she could get away with it. Another pebble hit him. Thornstaff turned to face his apprentice with a soft growl, glaring down at her smug little human face...
  5. Half-Truths and Deception Part 4: Ryjahs PoV

    Half-Truths and Deception Part 4: Ryjahs PoV

    Kalishan was soon shouting at Thornstaff who replied through clenched teeth until it seemed as if they had reached an impasse. Thornstaff would not go to the temple but he felt like he had to recompense the bard for not having done as he said but the only recompense that Kalishan would accept...
  6. Half-Truths and Deception Part 3: Ryjahs PoV

    Half-Truths and Deception Part 3: Ryjahs PoV

    Glancing back towards Thornstaff and Kalishan, Ryjah noticed that they were done arguing and probably waiting for her. "I have to go. Thank you so much! " She told the Faerie Dragon, rising to her feet and staring towards them. The creature merely looked amused and flicked her tail. "Good...
  7. Half Truths and Deception Part 2: Ryjahs PoV

    Half Truths and Deception Part 2: Ryjahs PoV

    Thornstaff let her down to the ground then turned into a panther. He always shape shifted into a cat, he loved the creatures. Ryjah waited as the panther Thornstaff sprang away and attacked the unsuspecting bandits with a ferocious roar. Ryjah took the opportunity to dart towards the bard as the...
  8. Half Truths and Deception Part 1: Ryjahs PoV

    Half Truths and Deception Part 1: Ryjahs PoV

    Ryjah grinned as she tossed another pebble at her mentors back. Thornstaff was a grumpy Wood Elf Druid with a six and a half feet tall and dark brown hair. His eyebrows were all too often angled down in a sharp V whenever he became annoyed with her as he was now, glaring at her with furious dark...