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  1. L.L. Maurizi

    Is Writing the Easy Part?

    I always found writing interesting, while challenging. At the same time that is the "easy" part for me. I am scared of and overwhelmed by what comes next. Say that I finish my book. I edit it, polish it. In short. let's assume it would potentially be ready to print. Let's also assume I know the...
  2. Notes on Vosha (my W.I.P.)

    Introduction to the Eight Vosha Kings

    The rituals of the moon counteract those of the sun. And those of the mountains counteract those of the skies. For although they were created at once and have created together, they too have their independence and volatile natures. The mountains tried to reach the skies to crush air. The sun...
  3. Notes on Vosha (my W.I.P.)

    Notes on Vosha (my W.I.P.)

    This portfolio will be a collection of notes/ideas on a fantasy world (Vosha) in which 8 races fight for supremacy. It's in its very early stages but I do not want to discourage myself from feedback at this point. Especially because I've had very difficult writer's block these past months. Thank...
  4. Giovanni


    Hello everyone, it's a pleasure to be apart of this forum. I hope to get advice from the many writers here, as well as be inspired and motivated to continue my work.
  5. Divided

    Chapter 2

    Chapter 2 Brogan Brogan walked into the forge early the next morning, met by the peals of a hammer already beating against an anvil. “Don’t you ever sleep, girl?” he shouted over the din. After she’d stopped hammering, she muttered, “I’ll sleep when I’m...
  6. Divided

    Chapter 1

    Chapter 1 Taryn On a cool autumn night in her nineteenth year, Taryn found herself in a black and seething mood. She walked through the door of Cirrain’s only tavern, where the smells of wood smoke, ale, and road-weary travelers greeted her. She made eye contact with the barman, who nodded...