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  1. L

    Ziva and the Book of Job

    Is it wrong to write graphic, gory, sexually explicit Christian dark fantasy that is Bible-based? Excerpt: When she goes in for another kiss, the sister puts a finger on Shawna’s puckered lips, says “No” and then whispers something in her ear. The sister follows up her whispered request with a...
  2. TheQuestForJarek

    Greetings: The Quest For Jarek

    Greetings everyone, great to be here! Please be sure to scope out my art and writing and hope to meet some people.
  3. Joeski

    Tales of Orgonia: Chapter 6 - The Nabe

    The Town was an augmented version of the Fallows, a lank feeling of desperation hung on every corner. Rowan consulted his map and cross referenced it with his location in relation to his journey thus far and if his bearings served him correctly then he was stood, more or less, where the words...
  4. Joeski

    Tales of Orgonia: Chapter 5 - Silence

    Rowan woke to blackout and silence. “PA! Pa are you there?” Rowan cried in confusion as he tossed around on the bed “Ornella? Ornella, i’m sorry!’ Over the next few moments Rowan recalled the events of the past, fragments of days, in his head. In a state of panic, Rowan thought for a split...
  5. Joeski

    Tales of Orgonia: Chapter 4 - Beckon

    Rowan’s ears embraced the words as a cherry blossom does the spring. With curling toes and hairs on end Rowan could hear his home calling to him, to rescue, to repair and to complete him once again. ‘Rowan-Rowan?’ a gust of words fleeted by in the key of G major. The man slung his bag onto his...
  6. Joeski

    Tales of Orgonia: Chapter 3 - Whisper

    Stunned, Rowan lay frozen too petrified to open his eyes. The strangers warm breath teased the inside of Rowans ear. Without moving a single other muscle in his body Rowan steadily prised open his left eyelids and rolled his gaze towards the direction of the thing that had him anchored. Dusk...
  7. Joeski

    Tales of Orgonia: Chapter 2 - The Fens

    Wilfred followed the direction of his sons startled eyes towards a piece of folded parchment leaning awkwardly between the dusty floor and the timber wall. Rowan darted at the floor like a Gannet to retrieve the parchment. He then moved into the centre of the room and took a deep breath before...
  8. Joeski

    Tales of Orgonia: Chapter 1 - The Fallows

    Rowan’s hands were beginning to numb as he hung, in a state of nature, from the base of the moon by his ankles. His ear was wet and his feet on fire, both of which were distracting him from the seven sets of unfaltering eyes he could discern closing in on him from the abyss. Dread and defeat...
  9. Joeski

    Tales of Orgonia

    The Silurian hypotheses explores the possibility of an advance human civilisation existing on earth some several million years ago, long before the one we try so hard to navigate our way through today. Tales of Orgonia however, narrates of an age even further back then that, where the unbroken...
  10. P

    Hello! New here

    Hello everyone. I'm Phori Stone. I write fantasy. Right now I am not published but I hope to have my current WIP published by the end of this or beginning of next year. My personal spiritual beliefs are Pagan, so my characters are always a bit witchy or furry. 😜 I hope to get to know...
  11. Juljio


    5 years ago, bright beams of light fell all across the earth. Nobody knew what it was or where it came from. It sure freaked the majority of people out and some say it was the end of the world. But nothing much happened, and most people forgot about it soon enough. Within a year there was...
  12. Oculus

    The Walls of Westguard

    Chapter 1 The Wall Raskelf was a dozen miles away along the winding curves of the valley but half that distance the way that Harad had walked, taking the straight route over the hills with his long, gangling limbs carrying him swiftly on the narrow paths. The high ridgeline ended in a treeless...
  13. Z

    Hi, Zach Vallerian here.

    Hey there! I'm Zach Vallerian. Glad to be here. I'm a mid 30's great big geek. Most of my hobbies revolve around my love of Fantasy, the LoTR, D&D, medieval-ish kind. I like to read books and manga, play videogames, watch movies and anime, and write, which is why I am here. My writing is only...
  14. J

    Hello I need help

    Hello iam a new writer in fantasy based story I have just begun a story plot based on a mythical story line I would like some people tell me it's either trash or not This not a plot to get readers I genuinely want to know if what I am writing is only for me or is it a little bit good...
  15. Eduardo Ficaria

    About Michael Moorcock books

    I'd like to read Moorcocks novels, in particular the Elric of Melniboné, Hawkmoon and Corum ones, but I read in an article that this author likes to return to his creations and rewrite parts of them. So, which edition should I pick, the latest ones? On the other hand, I'll welcome any opinion...
  16. Z

    New Fantasy Idea

    Hey guys, I had a new idea for a fantasy story, this is the prologue, what do you think? Isla Rhea
  17. S

    Old man - New hobby

    Hi Folks, I'm really excited about finding this fantastic website. I started writing as a hobby about a year ago, but have struggled with a lot of aspects of it. I've bought and (part) read a number of books on writing fantasy fiction, listened to pod casts, watched the Brandon Sanderson and...
  18. Nelesnia

    How to connect three different worlds?

    Helloo ~ looking for advice, pls. Without going into too much detail, the story I'm writing is set in what is known as The Higher Plane. There is also The Lower Plane, and eventually it is revealed that a place called The Middle Plane also exists. I'm having trouble trying to connect the three...
  19. Trip Williams

    Aspiring author of a youth fantasy/adventure series

    Hello, my nickname is Trip, and I have previously engaged in other writing forums such as critique circle; however, I wish to join this prestigious community to get your expert opinions on my fantasy book series I have been working on. I have one book written so far, and relatively well...
  20. PurpleNoxandPizzaDough

    My New Blog Post! Is this Like a Person, or an Animal?!

    Hi everyone! I am a freelance copy editor/proofreader and I am a reader of mostly urban fantasy, young adult and children's, and dark epic fantasy. I have a blog out right now with a variety of posts on my website and I'd love for you to read the latest about personification and...