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fantasy fiction

  1. Juljio


    5 years ago, bright beams of light fell all across the earth. Nobody knew what it was or where it came from. It sure freaked the majority of people out and some say it was the end of the world. But nothing much happened, and most people forgot about it soon enough. Within a year there was...
  2. Oculus

    The Walls of Westguard

    Chapter 1 The Wall Raskelf was a dozen miles away along the winding curves of the valley but half that distance the way that Harad had walked, taking the straight route over the hills with his long, gangling limbs carrying him swiftly on the narrow paths. The high ridgeline ended in a treeless...
  3. Z

    Hi, Zach Vallerian here.

    Hey there! I'm Zach Vallerian. Glad to be here. I'm a mid 30's great big geek. Most of my hobbies revolve around my love of Fantasy, the LoTR, D&D, medieval-ish kind. I like to read books and manga, play videogames, watch movies and anime, and write, which is why I am here. My writing is only...
  4. J

    Hello I need help

    Hello iam a new writer in fantasy based story I have just begun a story plot based on a mythical story line I would like some people tell me it's either trash or not This not a plot to get readers I genuinely want to know if what I am writing is only for me or is it a little bit good...
  5. Eduardo Letavia

    About Michael Moorcock books

    I'd like to read Moorcocks novels, in particular the Elric of Melniboné, Hawkmoon and Corum ones, but I read in an article that this author likes to return to his creations and rewrite parts of them. So, which edition should I pick, the latest ones? On the other hand, I'll welcome any opinion...
  6. Z

    New Fantasy Idea

    Hey guys, I had a new idea for a fantasy story, this is the prologue, what do you think? Isla Rhea
  7. S

    Old man - New hobby

    Hi Folks, I'm really excited about finding this fantastic website. I started writing as a hobby about a year ago, but have struggled with a lot of aspects of it. I've bought and (part) read a number of books on writing fantasy fiction, listened to pod casts, watched the Brandon Sanderson and...
  8. Nelesnia

    How to connect three different worlds?

    Helloo ~ looking for advice, pls. Without going into too much detail, the story I'm writing is set in what is known as The Higher Plane. There is also The Lower Plane, and eventually it is revealed that a place called The Middle Plane also exists. I'm having trouble trying to connect the three...
  9. Trip Williams

    Aspiring author of a youth fantasy/adventure series

    Hello, my nickname is Trip, and I have previously engaged in other writing forums such as critique circle; however, I wish to join this prestigious community to get your expert opinions on my fantasy book series I have been working on. I have one book written so far, and relatively well...
  10. PurpleNoxandPizzaDough

    My New Blog Post! Is this Like a Person, or an Animal?!

    Hi everyone! I am a freelance copy editor/proofreader and I am a reader of mostly urban fantasy, young adult and children's, and dark epic fantasy. I have a blog out right now with a variety of posts on my website and I'd love for you to read the latest about personification and...
  11. daisywrites

    Seriously struggling on writing my fantasy story about body snatchers that steal thrones, send help

    i've always struggled with committing to a story (so many wips..) and i really want to finish this one! i'm having trouble with the pacing of the story and when exactly the first chapter should be set.
  12. The Methuselah Empire

    The Methuselah Empire

    [This is a story that grew alongside Vosha. I stepped away from Vosha for a long time and lost my understanding of it. However, with "The Methuselah Empire" (To Be Changed) I have compiled preliminary notes and characters to avoid making the same mistake. I intend to create a series, but as of...
  13. An old writing I recently edited for garble... maybe it will turn into something

    A Colorful Situation pt5

    “I think it is best to take a closer look, Lord Rant. I of course am young, and Benjaffe not much older. I am still a student, but I think it is fortunate for you that Dulah came with us. How old is your settlement here? 40 years?” Rant nodded. “Well, Dulah is 96 years old. If I am not mistaken...
  14. An old writing I recently edited for garble... maybe it will turn into something

    A Colorful Situation pt4

    “I understand you have read the message.” Rant’s voice was somewhere between excited and anxious. “The people of the Esson are curious to know what the Ouvari think of its contents. How can you help us?” To this Hasser sat back in his cushioned chair. He was all attention before, and he even...
  15. An old writing I recently edited for garble... maybe it will turn into something

    A Colorful Situation pt 3

    It was quite organized as was apparent when Hasser tilted it forward so that Lord of the House Rant could view its interior. He noticed that the materials came in different forms. In the widest of the compartments was another small vial. Another exemplary piece of tiny workmanship. The liquid...
  16. An old writing I recently edited for garble... maybe it will turn into something

    A Colorful Situation pt 2

    The entire behavior was so odd that Bairn, the Master at Arms, put the guards on high alert. He only took them off when the House Mistress complained of all the boots ruffling up her good carpets. It still took Rant’s order to return the soldiers to their business and duties though. Bairn did...
  17. An old writing I recently edited for garble... maybe it will turn into something

    A Colorful Situation

    Hasser was a small man barely standing five foot six but he wore a flamboyant attire, here loose and there clinging, that overcame his physique. Around his torso was a baggy, teal, silk shirt cut away from the right shoulder to reveal a velvet, crimson and gold tunic underneath. It was tucked...
  18. D

    Why arent story settings/worlds like Shadowrun, Bright, or Avatar: Korra where scifi-fantasy blends

    Personally, iam kind of tired with the basic fantasy and scifi setting in the past (medieval) or the future (scifi). When I saw Bright, that concept of modernized fantasy setting was a breath of fresh air (although it had a LOT of stuff to be worked on). I mean how cool is it to see an high elf...
  19. ThatGreenWriter

    First Novel

    Hi, I'm new to Mythic Scribes and, as a young author, I am trying to write my first novel. Genre: Fantasy. I have always really enjoyed reading fantasy novels, and would love to know if anyone has written a fantasy novel before? I'm really enjoying the process so far, but I'm not sure I'm doing...
  20. ScrappyAuthor

    Cost of Magic

    So I am writing this novel that uses magic. I am very familiar with Brandon Sanderson's 3 laws of writing magic and am trying to find the best cost for my magic. I really don't want to use fatigue as a cop-out either. Does anybody have an idea for what would be a good cost? I was thinking maybe...