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Hi, Zach Vallerian here.

Hey there! I'm Zach Vallerian. Glad to be here.

I'm a mid 30's great big geek. Most of my hobbies revolve around my love of Fantasy, the LoTR, D&D, medieval-ish kind. I like to read books and manga, play videogames, watch movies and anime, and write, which is why I am here. My writing is only at a hobby level, and I don't have anything published yet, not even on the web, though I do plan on making what I am currently working on available on various sites.

Base title is Chronicles of Altgaea.

It's nothing ground breaking, just a run-of-the-mill Isekai/Otherworld adventure story.

It follows a father and daughter Gaming duo who get sent to what is essentially a generic Fantasy world as their characters from their favorite fantasy VRMMORPG, with all their fancy equipment... that they can't use, because they are back at level one! Not deterred in the least, they fully intend to make the most of their situation, explore this new world, and have fun! And they won't be denied their jolly adventurer's life, not by monsters, secret societies, doomsday cults, mad wizards, eldritch creatures, or warring empires, especially not by the humongous one that is ruled by the guy who was head of their Guild from back in the game, and who is seemingly on a path to world conquest!

That's about it. So, once again, glad to be here! Hoping to have a great time!
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