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Aspiring author of a youth fantasy/adventure series

Hello, my nickname is Trip, and I have previously engaged in other writing forums such as critique circle; however, I wish to join this prestigious community to get your expert opinions on my fantasy book series I have been working on. I have one book written so far, and relatively well polished, and am working on a very rough draft of the second book in the series. It is a completely original fantasy, and as such, the world has different races that don't match up with typical elf/dwarf/etc. typology. There is also a rich and deep meaning to the names of the races, places, and people in the novel - based around latin and other ancient languages/cultures.

My target audience is middle school on up, and I wish for it to be a wholesome, imaginative and inspiring tale of family, friendship, loyalty, virtue, and love.

The title of the series is the Adventures of the Last Aygiff. A few weaknesses I am worried about is that the immersion into a new world with many new races and names proceeds too quickly at the beginning and is off-setting in that people get lost in all the new words and names. The second is that the main character is a shape-shifter of sorts (think animorph), and as such, has very limited ability to keep his clothes on when he transforms into very small or very large animals. This is not emphasized or graphically illustrated, but there are a few embarrassing situations he is placed in during the first book - although I do not focus upon it, I do worry about the appropriateness of it for a middle school/young adult novel. As an unpublished, relatively new writer, I am also worried about parts of the book that drag or lose the audiences interest.

On the other side of things, I am very interested in quid pro quo and reading some of your works and offering any support I can. I can be a stickler on grammatical things, but also am very versatile in understanding and enjoy all types of genres and stories.