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  1. Eztlirald Kane Clairinda

    Free Proofreading/Editing

    Hello, My name is Ezzie and I want to help all the writers out there in exchange for them helping me. I want to pursue my dream of reaching the publishing and editing field for my career. My services are 100% free. After clicking on the following link, it should take you to my server where...
  2. Trip Williams

    Aspiring author of a youth fantasy/adventure series

    Hello, my nickname is Trip, and I have previously engaged in other writing forums such as critique circle; however, I wish to join this prestigious community to get your expert opinions on my fantasy book series I have been working on. I have one book written so far, and relatively well...
  3. PurpleNoxandPizzaDough

    My New Blog Post! Is this Like a Person, or an Animal?!

    Hi everyone! I am a freelance copy editor/proofreader and I am a reader of mostly urban fantasy, young adult and children's, and dark epic fantasy. I have a blog out right now with a variety of posts on my website and I'd love for you to read the latest about personification and...
  4. B

    Free Proofreading

    Hi all :) Sorry if this is not allowed, as I'm not promoting any novel/story idea. But I did get the thumbs up from a mod. I'm Matt, a entry-level member of the CIEP (Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading) and I've completed a couple of their proofreading courses and now looking for...