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5 years ago, bright beams of light fell all across the earth. Nobody knew what it was or where it came from.

It sure freaked the majority of people out and some say it was the end of the world. But nothing much happened, and most people forgot about it soon enough. Within a year there was nothing noticeable about what happened. instead, it wasn't a sudden change. But a slow and painful one.

It started with a few animals, some behavior changes, and others' appearances.

For example, deer started to become aggressive, and rhinos became more ticked-skinned. Some herbivores even started to consume flesh. People around the world started to realize it something wasn't adding up. Did what happened a year ago started to have an effect, and will it also have an effect on humans?

-current time-

The world is in chaos, The whole food chain has been turned upside down. We humans or that was is left of us aren't at the top anymore.
Oh, I haven't introduced myself, have I? The name is Cliff.


The latter sounds pretty accurate if you follow the latest conspiracies, I wonder what it was?

2017-2018? Wait a minute... no it wasn't an election year, hmmm.


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I like this as a story idea.

Man not safe anywhere sounds like a great backdrop to me.

Not sure what else to add.