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  1. poems


    I'll whisper your name, like the last breath of summer escaping at the onset of autumn's chill I'll think of you from time to time, like the goose thinks of the lake, to guide it back home I'll yearn for what was, though I know it may have been a fantasy Still those blue eyes pierce me, and will...
  2. 19


    blow out the candles; I wish this is my last wish— birthday irony Will you find this hidden message?
  3. Circadian


    the sun rises— birds sing from the trees my lullaby
  4. Adventures of a Fox

    Adventures of a Fox

    For years I have wandered these vast, wild lands, praying at shrines for Her power and grace. A Darkness hounds me, haunts me, hunts me as I search for meaning in this world; meaning that the Darkness wants to remain hidden. In shape-shifting labyrinthine libraries I have scoured shelves of...
  5. Onemaus

    Focusing on Prose after years of Poetry

    Hello to you all, This is my first time in a writers community. It's great to find so much of what I need online. To elaborate on the thread title: I have written poetry for about 15 years now, never published but I never let that discourage me. I have had a theme of writing about gods...
  6. The Crittenden Chronicles

    The Crittenden Chronicles

    This portfolio is to help me branch out and share my stories and poems with a more like-minded audience. It will consist of poetry and flash fiction; some unpublished, some published on my website. If you have any questions or want to talk about one of my pieces, message me! I'd love to chat. :)
  7. The Dark Muse - Journal

    I'm Sorry...

    I’m Sorry... she says and she says it often but did you ever wonder why? 'cause somewhere along the way someone (everyone) told her that her very existence demanded an apology 'cause somewhere along the way someone (everyone) told her that she could never just be without offering up that...
  8. Poems from DONZALO’S DESTINY

    Poems from DONZALO’S DESTINY

    DONZALO’S DESTINY is an epic fantasy by Stephen Brooke, originally published in four books: The Song of the Sword, The Shadow of Asak, The Sign of the Arrow, and The Hand of the Sorcerer. Throughout the Donzalo saga are found bits of poetry and song from the characters.