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Commander (Headmaster) Halistus Chravemos

Halistus was born in Imro in the 14th Age, he had been a boy during Alphims rule but was one of the most ardent defenders of king Verrim, even replacing Ethaine as Knight Commander upon his death and protecting queen Eraine during her regency from inserection with tenacity. Upon the birth of Prince Aerrim, he saw to personally raise the boy in the image of his father so that he may be remembered as a good king, but quickly he saw much of the heritage of the Calistar line emerge in the boy.
Aerrims care would be placed on the side however as Rothis conquered much of the east of Aphal and began to push through Rivea, forcing Gimson to combat them, but upon losing a string of defeats to Rothis and his tactical brilliance, Aerrim would make his first move as King and get the Halasphorans involved, much to the ire of Halistus, who was a staunch believer in the Tennants of new Lanarian and despised the Halasphoran people for there ignorance in the spirits.
However with the war opened on these 2 fronts, even Rothis could not withstand, and eventually King Aerrim and Prince Nazir met in the city of Ebas with there forces in toe.
Nazir had jumped on the opportunity to avenge there initial loss to Rothis at the outbreak of the Rothian wars, and had managed to sweep through southern Grayle quickly, Aerrim petitioned the prince to now withdraw his forces from the area but Nazir refused, tensions flared between the two but the treaty of Ebas was signed, proclaiming that Grayle itself would be allowed to re-assert itself as a independent city state, but that Aephora and its valuable ports would remain firmly in Halasphora's hands.
Halistus was outraged, pleading with his king to liberate Grayle lest they would see a oppressive rule under Nazir free of the spirits influence, but Verrim would not, choosing instead to return to Gimson and regroup, he found however as the years went on and more and more tales of the supposedly independent Grayle being encroached upon by Halasphora, the citizenry, especially the religious centers of Antramar where the new Lanarians laid home, demanded liberation, even rioting in the city to get the attention of Verrim. Out of apparent obligation the King formally declared war on Halasphora, but claimed he would be liberating Grayle and Aephora so that Grayle may rebuild itself as a nation and not for Gimson, and so yet again Gimson loaned the ships and marched past the lands of Rivea and Waven to get east, irking king Kunkkan II further still. The Liberation crusade was hard fought, with Halistus leading much of the fighting himself while Verrim desperately tried to salvage some sort of diplomatic ties. Eventually however the war had ended, Halasphora had been pushed back out of Aphal but at the cost of tens of thousands of men at arms on both sides of the fighting, then just as the fighting had begun to wind down and talks of diplomacy began, rebellion erupted in Gimson out of Smana, who had been the most vocal opposition to sending troops to reclaim Halasphoran land and had been disgusted by the slaughter that had befallen Gimsons troops, a militia seized control of the city and began attacking outward towards Nexun and Imro. Verrim ordered a full withdrawl of all Gimson troops to deal with this uprising, but had only days prior issued a command for Chravemos to remained garrisoned in Aephora for 5 years to insure no further incursions. Halistus rejected the order of his king, saying he followed the spirits over his monarch, and feared a Halasphoran incursion was imminent, and so Verrim in his anger sent a small breakaway host to root out Chravemos and assume command of his garrison to get them back to Gimson as quickly as possible. Tensioned flared between the captain Verrim had sent and Chravemos and soon the small host was driven away by force. Now Halistus knew he had stepped too far, he decided he would return to Antramar for trial with a small detachment of men, but leave the main bulk of his garrison, who were at this point fiercely loyal to him alone, to guard Aephora.
When Halistus arrived in Antramar via a Waven emissary ship that far outpaced the marching Gimsonian host, he was greeted not by a trial, but by the people of Antramar who loved Halistus forming a mob and pushing the loyalist Gimson garrison out of the city, proclaiming Halistus to be a chosen hero of Lanan and that if they must fight Gimson for the right to protect Aphal they will.
Halistus realized it was either accept the mobs crown or submit himself to be killed before Verrim, who would certainly leave Aephora open to Halasphoran invasion again, he decided to bar the city to Verrim and force the Wavens out of the port, establishing with all volunteers who would be willing, a new Lanarian Holy Order, tasked to protect Aphal and keep the spirits influence strong in the hearts of all citizens.

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