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Gentry (part 5)

The red demon-masked Villain was in front of us, and then she just wasn’t. Five seconds later Victory plummets from above to hover about a meter off the tarmac, takes one look at us and the conspicuous absence of the enemy, and returns to the sky. Not worth her time is what one could not help but read from that. It’s only the third time I have ever seen our titular leather, and it makes me realize that this visit may have been a small move in a much larger game. If Victory herself is trying to catch Barghast, and failing, then we just got off very easy.

Metro is seeing to Orphan, sitting with legs touching in the open doors of the ELLO. Whichever way one of them went, the other would follow. She was not badly hurt, more pride than anything, but it had been a while since anyone had even come close to doing any real damage. It may have lasting repercussions, something I hope Metro can help mitigate. We do not take to defeat well, and no matter how well the Villain had tried to play it, we had been handed one.

She was a natural, not one of us. She could not understand what it means to owe oneself to others. She could not understand that even this confrontation, perhaps common in her world, had the potential to destroy us. Or maybe she did and just did not care? Or was that her purpose?

“Should we talk?”

“Here?” Metro glances back into the ELLO

“Yeah, here and now is our chance. They messed with the drone sensors so I did the ELLO, they can’t hear us and we have cover.”

“I don’t trust her.”

“Goes without saying.”

“But I did say it, so you should listen. She wants to use us to get to something else. She doesn’t care one whit about what happens to us in the process.”

“So what does she want?”

“Just like GenRite, she wants the Advanced. She was right about one thing, we are just dogs. No one wants dogs, including her group.”

“Dogs can turn, dogs can kill,” not sure either of them have read Call of the Wild.

“Are you sure you disabled the bugs?”

“I am sure- Orphan what do you say?”

“I would like to meet her again, and I am not sure that is gonna happen if I stay cooped up in this place.” Her motivation is on her sleeve.

“So we break out?”

“And how long after that do we become normal? How long before they hunt us down and tie off loose ends?” Metro laying devil's advocate.

“We only have their word that we lose our Powers at all.”

“Bullshit, you have felt it when we go between treatments.”

He is not wrong. But we are so much in their control, I am not sure what is real and what is induced through other means. It's been years since I stepped any further than this beyond these gates.

“It's been six years since I even got this far past these gates. Are we supposed to grow old and die here?”

“I am with Gentry.” I welcome the support but I know it’s coming from a bad place. Taking advantage of her vulnerability to get what I want; it does give me a moments pause.

“Two against one Metro. You in or are you out?” I knew the answer even as I asked:, where one goes, the other follows.

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