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King Verrim the Good

Alphim the Cold was the catalyst, the first man to truly begin the rise of Gimson as the predominant power on Aphal, seizing power after the death of his brother Davin through sheer force of will.
Alphim was, however, a reflection of mankind whom the Aphalians had not seen extensively in power during the rule of Antramar, a man who's ruthless cunning and relentless drive could see the bonds that once held the Empire together shattered in the pursuit of power.
There had been others like Alphim, hard men who had the ambition and moral ambiguity to realize their vision for conquest, but in this new age beyond the final death throws of Antamar, Aphal was caught unprepared.
Alas it was due to obstacle's such as disloyal Knights like Sir Fasmere, who still clung to older noble ideals of honor that Alphims attempted subjugation of the whole of West of Aphal was proved undone, ground to a halt along the front lines.
Nonetheless, Alphim would commit his life to the battlefield, leaving his heir Verrim to be mostly raised by the passing noblemen and knights that passed through court at the castle's of Calishome, Noroche, and Gersrick.
It was one knight in particular, sir Eean, who spent most of his time with the growing prince, having a son and daughter of his own, Ethain and Eraine who would become his childhood comrades.
Ethain, Eraine and Verrim would have many mock adventures in the halls of of the castles they frequented, and Eean raised the children as best he could with the same ideals of old world honor and morality that Fasmere had displayed, if never teaching these notions openly, not wishing to speak ill of his King.
it was not until one somber day that a herald returned with the news from the Rivean front that Eean had been struck down at the battle of Agrignon that Verrim would truly begin to understand the frailty of life and the value of peace, seeing the devastation the loss of Ethain and Eraines father effected them, and imagining all of the Gimsonian children who had felt the same pain.
As the prince aided his grieving friends morn the death of their father, he knew Alphim was not far behind, leading his men on the front lines may have been courageous of Aphim, but he would be dead a mere 4 after Eean, leaving the only 19 year old Verrim to inherit the throne of Gimson as his heir.
and so it was within the span of that year, that in a strange and auspicious coincidence, the monarchs of 4 major kingdoms would also die, leaving 4 young princes to rule Gimson, Stonestaln, Rivea, and Archov.
Verrim, handed the keys to dictate to a new era, decided to use what he had learned from Eean, and Firstly appointed his friend Ethain as Captain of Knights and advisor, as Ethain had become prudent, stoic, and among the more talented of warriors, keeping his trusty greathawk, named Gryr, as a companion in combat.
Even in this first move however, Verrim had unknowingly offered insult to Lord Laman, Alphims greatest friend and most trusted knight, who was replaced as Knight Captain. to further the insult however, Verrim sought to pursue peace terms with Rivea and Archov, by offering the Prince of Rivea all the land seized by his father back to there people, and for Archov, by forgiving the sack of Antasia and seeking no vengeance, mighty concessions he hoped could pave the way to a lasting alliance and reconciliation between their nations.
So it came to pass however in the passing of these edicts, that only 5 short Eages into his reign he has made many enemy's that clung to Alphims ideals and saw Verrims actions as an affront to the sacrifices that had been made, most of all Lord Laman who would take what knights were loyal to "the true cause of Alphim" and seek to kill Verrim and place Laman on the Throne as Lord Protector until one of his bastards came of age.
so Verrim was lured into the open courtyard of Calishome under the guise of war counsel, soon finding himself surrounded by Laman and his men at arms. Sir Ethaine managed to arrive at the castle, trusting his instinct about Laman's intent, and seeing what was taking place jumped into action, standing alone to protect his King.
Ethain took many wounds while trying to fend off the assailants from Verrim, but amidst the raining hail of crossbolt fire he would eventually begin to lose the strength to fight, Verrim too had been struck by many bolts and lay bloodied on the courtyard struggling to breath, and as Laman mocked the "Weak Boy", approaching and prepared to strike the killing blow, Ethain suddenly lunged with the last of his strength, piercing Lamans heart with his sword before collapsing.
it was at this point, all too late that the knights loyal to Verrim stormed the scene, dispatching all Lamans men as the two friends lay, dying in the middle of the chaos. Verrim hoping he had done enough to restore the honor of his Kingdom, and Ethain reconciled his friend that he had been a good King, and that it had been his honor to know and serve him.
And so as Ethain faded out of life, his GreatHawk Gryr finally left his side, flying hurriedly to Smana, to find Eraine, now pregnant with the Child of Verrim, who would go on to serve as queen regent after her and the Kings secret marriage had been discovered and legitimized, and as Eraine secured control over the faction of Verrim loyalist's in the upcoming short civil war.
Verrim and Ethain gave there lives in the name of peace, leaving a lasting impression on the remaining 3 princes, and wiping clean the slate of Gimson and the Callistar name in the eyes of much of Aphal, leading to a period of prolonged stability in the west. It is for this correction of course and ambitious pursuit of an Aphal unified by alliance rather than conquest that Verrim was remember, and earned his epitaph.
"King Verrim the Good"
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