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Notes on the Linunkin Tribes of Northern Ustagrad

Tribes and Clans of the northern Ustagrad Linunkin inhabiting Gravenund, a Study by Ragus Coldclaive, prince and heir of the kingdom of Archov.

Firstly a brief summation and classification of those specific clans as identified regionally;

The Cobalt Mountains Clan, the Barbian Woodland Tribe, the Brokenstone Hills Clan, the Midmark River Tribe and the Torbian Plains Tribe.

The clan of the cobalt mountain inhabits the region in the northernmost point of Ustagrad, locked in perpetual winter akin to the Archovi Tundra these Linunkin are shaped by the brutality and harshness of there home. with the only respite from the bitter cold being the caverns and hot springs that occasionally dot the bleak waste as if oasis in a desert. The Cobalt mountains clan typically harbors and accepts only Linunkin who renounce all kinship with the men who lead them to such a lowsome fate and would stop at nothing to gain vengeance against them in whatever capacity. This leads them to occasionally join on the raiding ships from the Midmark or even during the rare occasion the Brokenstone strait freezes over to make the dangerous trek across to establish temporary footholds north of Ustgart to conduct raids on their own accord. There animosity towards mankind made them the First of the Linunkin to accept the spectral font offered by the Wyvern Prophet Lucais and Icilith, creating the blue Linunkin who caused much destruction to Archov and indeed all of Aphal in the last war of Wyverns, proving no price would be too great to make the Cobalt mountain Linunkin gain vengeance over the world of man.

The Barbian woodland Tribe is one of the first independent tribes to emerge from the Linunkins isolation, they like most of their kind felt tremendous betrayal by Emperor Midlon but mostly understood and accepted their fate as it was, and did not let it rob them of the culture or traditions of the ancient Gailens. In this, deep within the groves of the Barbian wood they continued and even expanded the understanding of reverence towards the beast spirit Linun, becoming extremely proficient in the ancient Gailish art of Druidity allowing them to attune and even take on the avatar of the beasts with which they shared blood with ease. With these mighty talents they were able to be instrumental in the perseverance of the independence of the northern Linunkin tribes, often spearheading the defense against Archovi incursions north of Gravemund and Brydensk.

The Brokenstone Hills clan is a interesting group within Ustagrad, holding distinct views of overall rejection of there Linunkin curse, and of a ages long goal of finding a way to reverse Yogriffs burden with no avail thus far. This obviously alienated them from there other free tribes of Ustagrad but has lead them to be somewhat of a bastion for those few sympathetic towards the Linunkin’s tragic tale, even leading to the Archov of Gravemund being far less prone to target Brokenstone in attacks and a even somewhat uneasy diplomatic relationship between the Cheifs of Brokenstone and Gravemunds governors and wardens. As a consequence however they are frequently attacked by their own Linunkin brothers from the Torbian and Midmark Tribes who see this willingness to submit to cooperation and rejection of there affliction as the ultimate weakness, but time and time again the Brokenstone have weathered the storm of attack by retreating to their fortified cavernous towns and defending their way of life and hope for the future with a stalwart resolve.

The Torbian Plains Tribe is the furthest south on Ustagrad along with parts of the Brokenstone, but have a vastly different view with there human neighbors to the south, frequently using their proximity to Gravemund to launch strafing raids and liberation campaigns, freeing the captive and enslaved Linunkin to recruit back to their ranks. They have often been the primary target for Archov attacks to reclaim control of the dry cold steppe and they have even been successful on multiple attempts, with the borderland desolate town of Yormund frequently changing hands and being used as a base by whichever side can spare the resources to maintain control over it. Commonly the Torbian Tribe despises the humans of Archov, but there warlike society will prize the furocity of any warrior, with extremely seldom cases of human prisoners even joining their ranks as thralls if proven worthy in there makeshift arenas.

Lastly the Midmark river Tribe, which is the richest of the Linunkin tribes due to there intense efficiency of raiding and plying the coasts with there mighty reaving ships, inspired by the ancient empire of Ustagrad itself. They are centered around the mightiest settlement made only by Linunkin, Nurhun, which serves as both a port for the many raiders to return and pool there plunder, and as a central hub and de-facto capital of Linunkin affairs on the few occasions they have managed to unite, such as under King Yor and Chief Mhur, who himself was born to the Midmark. Never able to fully secure unity however, they have often been the greatest victims of infighting within the Linunkin, with chunks of land around Nurhun often falling into possession by the other tribes, leading to a overall distrust of all other clans and tribes but themselves and a isolationist stance to all those outside the gates of Nurhun, except in dire times when the tribes are threatened and need to be called together.

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