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Out of Place

There was something out of Place and I couldn't put my finger on it. I slowly started to walk into the house, when suddenly someone fell from the ceiling in front of me. "Who and what are you?" I asked frightened but curious. The girl looked at me with this sinister look, her long black hair tipped with crimson almost blood red and her complexion was as pale as a ghost."I'm your worst nightmare," the girl says, " My name is Luna Amarylis and it's time for you to die and become one of us."
I tried to scream but nothing comes out, fear washes over me, I tried to run but my legs would not move. It seemed like years but the pain has finally begun to fade. I could hear voices in the background, I recognized none of them. Slowly, I opened my eyes. I could see everything so clearly. Slowly someone approached me, this man had hair down to his shoulders that were black with white tips and behind him to the left was a girl with blonde hair with bright purple tips and eyes that were such a piercing blue that it was hard to look away beside her was a boy that looked maybe 17 he had short spiky blonde hair with kryptonite green tips; but to the mans 's right was someone I recognized but from where? As he approached he held out his hand and spoke pointing to his left he says "This is Kayden and her husband James." Then gesturing to his himself and the girl to his right, "I'm Jasper and she is Luna." I jump as he says her name as suddenly I remember her. "We are Vampires who rarely hunt humans......but you are a special case." He continues.
"How am I special" I interrupt to ask.
"Because we are not the only ones after you, we did this to protect you." he answers.
"Who else is after me and why do they want me?" I ask before adding quietly that the only one who thought that died.

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