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Rirahmat Aybasi Ban Jafa Al Lanah

Rirahmat Aybasi Ban Jafa Al Lanah, commonly referred to merely by his shortened name “Rihrahm”, was a legendary and mythical prophet, warrior, and hero of the Halas people of northern Aeophora.

Born in the desert outpost of Osahia along the amber road to Umussia from the Akarian Empire, it is said that Rihram was born the lowly son of a breadmaker in the small dry sandy town, although even stating this can be seen as an act of great offense to some.

For going back, even Rihrams birth is contested, with some believing that he was in fact the great spirit Lanah made flesh, some believe he was the son of the prominent noble family of Osahia, some believe he was simply a prophet of Lanah who in fact came to Osahia from nearby Arshalah.

All of these beliefs regarding Rirahm’s beginnings formed the foundation of the divergent sects of the faith that would sprout from the seeds he planted, but none would ever contest that he was the father of all adherents of the Ban-Jafa faith.

After his point of origin, the accounts become somewhat more cohesive, with many records form the region stating that Rirahm established a following and base from Osahia, espousing the truth of Allas and of Lanah and denouncing the evil of the Akarians and Ummusians who followed the dark flame of Xemna.

He befriended the many tribes of the Amber Sea desert, using their Sandspeakers mastery over the deserts storms to cripple the Amber road, the major land trade link between the Akarians and Ummusians.

When these two empires attempted to retaliate however, Rirahm would flee with his people into the desert, slowly bleeding dry those who had been sent to deal with him.

Rirahm would eventually leave control of the desert to the Amber tribes, ensuring the Amber Road remained closed, while he went on a pilgrimage north to attempt to sway some of the lesser tribes and kingdoms of the east to his side against the mighty unholy empires.

Aljidara, Salambrosia, and Phoros all eventually heeded the wise prophet's advice to forsake trade with the two dark powers, and cast aside their false idols, brought back into the light of Allas and Lanah.

It is at this point that Rirahm went to Dacacia, already a powerful trading city that he had managed to put back on the path of the light, and went to their house of sacred sages, who had remained as a secret faithful cult true to Allas even while their city rotted.

Rirahm gave these men special privileges and powers, and selected a handful of them to become his most loyal disciples, and in return they offered him a chalice of a special elixir.

This potion is said to have different effects of Rirahm from sect to sect, with some believing that this drink bound the spirit Lanah to mortality, a great sacrifice that turned the spirit Lanah into the man Rirahm.

Some believe the drink gave Rirahm enhanced abilities of prescience, instinct, will, and power that he would use to shape himself and his followers into perfect warriors and crusaders of the light of Allas.

Regardless, this act spread Rirahms fame across the region and he even took the daughter of the King of Dacacia, known as Caria, as his wife, further cementing his influence and prestige.

Rirahm and Caria would have 5 children together, and she was said to be a devout and caring wife who took steadfast care in maintaining the faith and order in Dacacia whenever Rirham was away from the city.

As Rirahm established proper rule over the region of northeast Aeophora,he declared the region; “The Realm of the Halas, the true and faithful of Allas and Lanah, the chosen Kingdom of the light”, taking the holy chalice of the Sages of Dacacia filled with the light of Allas as his sigil.

supposedly from the ancient city of Aazor landed on their shores as well, claiming to be friends, but then they soon spouted blasphemy against Rirahm and Lanah and so were fought and sent away from the lands of Halas.

Zafira became the next major target for liberation and righteous restoration of the light of Allas, for the city had been under the thumb of Ummusia and their dread-beast god for hundreds of years.

The combined kingdoms of Halas formed a great army led by Rirahm, and soon marched on Zafira, clashing with the great evil of the Ummusians, but eventually by the grace of Alas, defeating them and driving them out of the city.

Before they could celebrate this divine victory however, Rirahm and his army of the Halas marched south to the Basi sea to crush the final remnant of the Ummusian army, only this time they had summoned a dark ally to aid them in their desperation.

The great dread-beast god of Ummusia itself, the god of the storm and of dark winds, emerged during this legendary battle at the Basi Sea, and it is said that it began to wreak havoc on the army of the Halas.

4 of Rirahms 5 sons died by the beasts hand, and soon it seemed as though the great army of the Halas may break and scatter.

But then Rirahm, his hand guided by the almighty holy flame, threw his sacred spear “Jariq”with such masterful precision that it supposedly pierced the eye of the ancient evil god, and caused it to retreat from the lands of Ummusia forever.

After this stunning triumph, no army in the west was powerful enough to oppose the army of the Halas, and none questioned Rirahms divinity, and soon Rirahms holy kingdom stretched from the eastern shore to the west, with most of Ummusia returning to the light of Allas.

With this conquest, Rirahm now weary with age returned to Dacacia, leaving his closest disciples to govern the realms to the west, while the desert he gifted to the Amber Tribes who had loyally guarded the Amber road in his name.

Rirahms last surviving son, Rudah, who would take the name Rudah Ayosah Ban Jafa Al Rirahm, would rule as prince over Osahia for many years, becoming a nearly equally legendary figure to his father in later years.

Eventually however, Rirahm himself would pass, his body burned in the greatest funeral pyre ever seen on Aph, and his holy ashes saved in a great urn that would become an heirloom of the house of Ban-Jafa.

Such is the tale of Rirahmat Aybasi Ban Jafa Lanah, contested though aspects of it may be, none deny that Rirahm was a fundamental figure in all of Aeophoran and Aphian history.

The Faith of Ban-Jafa in its various forms still enduring, thriving, and spreading more than 1600 years after his death is testament alone to that fact.

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