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Tales of Aphal: History of the Ghanjo

The Ghanjo, they have always been and always will.

The Great Ghanj was raised from the very earth by the mighty Gor, king of dragons and men and chiefest lieutenant of Xo the god dragon of flame and life.

The Great Ghanj was unlike any city, with its entrance hidden through paths in the mountains and much of the city itself lying deep within the caverns of the Ghanj mountains, all of this was a gift of Gor to his chosen people to keep them safe, for he knew that they had many enemies.

Outside of the safety of Ghanj.

3 Dark lords of Hon, Kajo, and Xhinji formed an alliance after eradicating all rivals for dominion of the south. The Kajo even settled the fertile Kojo valley from their island and pushed out the Ghanj native to it, slaughtering any Ghanji who dared to travel there. Eventually this lead the ruler of the Turva clan of the Ghanj, Turva Turvaram Bo to unite the 6 clans of Great Ghanj and attempt to reclaim their rightful lands leading to the battle of the Kojo Pass. Turvaram Bo was slain and his people retreated to the safety of Great Ghanj.

Turvas new ruler and the new king of the united Ghanj, Turva Torboro Qui was a wiser man than his father, less lustful for vengeance, and rather than lead another attack against the now fortified Kojo valley pass used their greatest asset, the tamed Children of Gor, great land serpent attuned with the earth, to learn well the mountains of Kojo and launch countless raids with elite units of Gorian Riders and pooling there wealth in Great Ghanj, making the city wealthy and powerful if isolated.

Soon they would also use these fast and extremely adaptable beast with whom they shared husbandry to launch raids against other souther tribes such as the Sinsen, even reaching so far as to gain plunder from the dark southern kingdom of Hon. Whenever the leaders of any of these targets would attempt to lead retaliation campaigns to attack the Ghanj, they would find no cities in the vast empty barren steppe, and would wander aimlessly with there host dying of starvation in desperation for revenge, or being picked off by the hidden encampments of Ghanjo Gorian riders.

Eventually none of the rivals to the Ghanjo would dare venture into the Ghanjo Steppe, which allowed them to begin to expand in safety outside of the mountains, still valuing secrecy they made many hidden hill villages, talented in the art of earthworks with their Children of Gor.

This would be the cycle of the Ghanjo for many many years, although with there need of unity faded the 6 clans of the Ghanjo would become more competitive, carving up the Great Ghanj into 6 districts and often challenging each other to achieve the most wealth in a given raid or dueling for honor on there mounts.

Many sons of Turva still retained titles as kings of Ghanj however, growing most rich on the plunger of their neighbors.

Hearing of the collapse of the alliance of the dark southern kingdoms and of the Rhakhami threatening much of their stability would often tempt the leaders of the other clans to reconquer the Kojo valley or even attack the southern kingdoms in search of new land and slaves, but the now religious devotion to raiding, with a successful raid upon the back of a Gor being a right of passage to the men of Ghanjo, and the final say of the Turva clan needed to muster there full strength, tradition kept them from fulfilling these ambitions, there isolation from the cultures of the outside kingdoms had also made it difficult to gauge the strength they hid behind there borders and the Turva would not risk their position as kings of Ghanj.

Eventually however, a leader of the clan of Kunjai, Kunjai Kunjakka Tiam, would grow sick of this idling, and would challenge the Turva king to a honor duel for control of the fate of Ghanj. The Turva, Turva Torboro Gahm would accept, being a powerful and respected raider and warrior in his own right. The two men would duel in the royal subterranean arena of the Turva, with the Kunjai mounting his feared agile pale Gor who had survived many raids with him, and the Turva mounting his massive Gor adorned in ceremonial armor.

The two clashed, gnashing maws, swiping claws, the clang of sword on bronze shield, Kunjai lost his trusted mount the pale Gor, and in many honor duel’s his had spelled the end, but Kunjai Kunjakka Tiam on his own feet managed to strike down the Turva with a mighty thrown sword cleaving into the king's coat of plates. His angered Gor would have almost certainly killed Kunjai aswell if his men had not stepped in and brought the beast down.

With that the Turva king was dead, and Kunjai proclaimed that there ages of hiding was over, they would rally there forces and finally reclaim Kojo valley from a now unsuspecting Kajo, and from there, push down further south to finally do proper battle with the 3 dark kingdoms of the south.

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