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Tales of Aphal: Kings of Gimson

Alphim Calinstar was the younger brother of Davin Calinstar, the winner of the great war of Candexes and the rightful king of Gimson, as well as the owner of castle Noroche and watcher of the town of Olde Smana. when the time came and Davin died out of grief of the loss of his last son, a new counsel of possible successors was called with Alphim being invited as a blood relative. word had reached that Davins neglected and ill acknowledged bastard son Wilvam had rallied the most pollitical support and was going to win the throne. Wilvam was a good and honorable man who fought with his brothers in the last war of wyverns and was technically an heir of Davin. Alphim knew he had few freinds politically and that he would not win a battle of wits against Wilvam's supporters so he did the greatest betrayal possible, on the day of the Candexes counsel, Alphim had his loyal men, as well as mercenary's storm the debatorium and kill all contenders to the throne apart from Alphim. Alphim himself slew 5 men with his greatsword in the counsel room, including his own nephew Wilvam. at the end of the bloody slaughter, he had one of the mercenaries shoot him in the shoulder with a crossbow to appear as though he was a lucky survivor of the attack. he was awarded the crown as the last possible legitimate successor and began a terrible and lust for power driven rule over Gimson
Alphim the Cold was the catalyst, the first man to truly begin the Era of Man. for he was a reflection of mankind whom the Aphal had not seen extensively, a man who would do anything to acquire power. there had been others, Lichun, Barbus Ragnoruk, and countless others who never rose to stature, but all bore a similar affliction to there very soul, allowing them to do what needs to be done to further there own gain or vision. But alas in due to obstacle's like disloyal knights like sir Fasmere, his attempt of conquest of the whole of New Centinal proved undone, nonetheless, he would commit his life to the battlefield, leaving his son Verrim to be mostly raised by the passing knight. it was one knight in particular, sir Eean, who spent most of his time with the child, having a son and daughter of his own, Ethaine and Eraine who became his childhood comrades. Ethaine, Eraine and Verrim would have many mock adventures in the halls of Noroche, and Eean raised the boys with values of honor and morality, whilst never speaking ill of his King. it was not until one solemn day, that a herald returned with the news that Eean had been struck down at the battle of Upencrox, that Verrim would truley begin to understand the frailty of life, and as he aided his grieving friend morn the death of his father, he knew his own, Alphim, was not far behind, being far too ambitious with his exploits he would die only 4 Eages later, leaving the only 19 year old Verrim to inherit the throne of Gimson. and so it was within the span of that year, that in a strange coincidence, the kings of 4 major kingdoms would also die, leaving 4 young princes to rule Gimson, Stonestaln, Wavehaven, and Arloche. Verrim in this bizarre circumstance decided to use what he had learned from Eean, and Firstly appointed his great friend Ethaine as captain of Knights, as he had risen to become a talented swordsman by his fathers training, also keeping his trusty greathawk, named Gryr, as a companion in combat, using it to distract foes. but in doing this Verrim had unknowingly offered insult to Sir Laman, Alphims greatest friend and most trusted knight, who was replaced as Knight Captain. to further the insult however, Verrim sought to make piece with Lunreach and Arloche, by offering the Prince of Lunreach all the land seized by his father back to there people, and for Arloche, by forgiving the Sac of Antasia and seeking no vengeance. and so it came to pass that in his anger at this "heresy to unity" that Laman took what knights were loyal to "the true cause of Alphim" and sought to kill Verrim and place Laman on the Throne. so Verrim was lured into the open courtyard of Noroche, surrounded by Laman and his men, Sir Ethaine managed to arrive, taking many wounds while trying to fend off the assassins from his king and friend, but alas he would fall, and so to was Verrim struck down, and as Laman prepared to strike the killing blow, Ethaine lunged with the last of his strength, piercing Lamans heart, it was at this point, all too late that the knights loyal to Verrim stormed the courtyard, dispatching all Lamans men as the two friends lay, dying, in the middle, reconciling that they had done well to set the Era of Men back on track. And so the Hawk Gryr finally left his masters side, flying freely to Smana, to find Eraine, now pregnant with the Child of Verrim, who would serve as queen regent until there son was of Age. Verrim and Ethaine gave there lives in the name of peace, leaving a lasting impression on the 3 princes, and wiping clean the slate of Gimson and the Calistar name. it is in this that we may find peace in the passing of the first great king of the Era of Men.

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