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Tales of Aphal: Tale of Anok Draggod

upon a cold winter night in the far western lands, brushed against the looming nameless mountains of the midwest stonestaln chain, a farmhouse sat, in that farmhouse sat a young boy and his father. this boy was Anok, a young lad whos destiny would become intertwined with the fate of Aphal in many more ways than we would ever know... and it all begins on this cold winter night. the winds howled and the farmstead creaked, Anok was sent to bring in firewood to kindle a flame for his weary father. upon leaving, he caught a blurred vision of what caused the gale, a long outstretched pair of wings flapped along the skyline, before condensing into a form and diving towards the farm, it was nigh impossible to make out anything in the immense wind, but the sound of wood being splinted, broken and snapped pierced the air. Anok rushed towards the home, woodaxe raised prepared to fight whatever evil had destroyed his home. until at last its terrible visage peered through the wreckage, a wyvern, before Anok had time to break his frozen terror, the beast roared and outreached its wings again, before rocketing off the ground into the night sky, sending the boy flying into a nearby cart, from which point his vision faded, and he lost consciousness. -30 YEARS LATER-
Firent Numund wandered the Black rat tavern of Grayle, he had left his home Antasia many years ago in search for adventure in the west, and as of yet had little to show for it. he wanted more than anything to make a name for himself, get the name Firent Numund out for all the world to know and tell tales about and sing songs of his bravery it was not until he met Anok Dragodd, that his true story would begin. he had heard rumors of the Dragodd, a man who had devoted the last 30 years of his life to assembling a party of whoever would join him on a quest to the north to defeat what he called "the last wyvern" of course everyone labeled him as a crazy person, and dismissed his story of the cold winter night as disillusioned ramblings. When Numund found him though, he figured at the very least he would have a chance to say that he had ventured to the north, so he accepted Anoks contract and joined his small party of men, the other two being Gorob Axebande, who aided the cause because he searched for the promise of priceless Wyvern Scales, which Anok had agreed to give him if indeed the Wyvern existed, and Lenond Twinbard, a novice Magus from the East who claims he had found evidence of the Wyverns presence in the north, and noted that he would be celebrated as a hero in the eyes of other magus if he found a Wyvern. and with that, Anok Dragodd, Firent Numund, Gorob Axeband, and Lenond Twinbard set out from grayle towards the north of Stonestaln. it had taken them 3 long and gruelingly cold Munths to traverse the mountains path and reach the northwest corner of the Stonestaln mountains, when atlast they did it had seemed as though they had reached a dead end, only sear cliff face greeted them, but Twinbard and Dragodd had discussed a finding they had had many years ago, a long forgotten map cartographing a secret path through the northern mountains, to a small patch of land beyond them, previously thought to have not existed. they made there way to the maps coordinates and found the narrow pass, a small icy cave that lead through the very heart of the mountains, until at last they emerged to see it, the empty plot of land, completely hidden away and unknown to most of the world, and the massive strangely curved mountain, Drakespire. they had found it, what Twinbard had said all accounts of Dragodds supposed wyvern led to, if the beast existed, it was in Drakespire mountain. they slowly ascend the mountain until nearly reaching its summit, all of the part began having doubts. but Anok was determined, determined to not see all his efforts wasted, but alas at the peak of the mountain, looking and surveying the whole of the area they found nothing, and defeated, crept slowly back down the mountain. just as embers of hope faded from view, a deep resonating thud shook the mountain, bursting from the walls of the mountain itself sprang forth the beast Anok had been hunting for so long, its white, glistening scales and lightly furred mane seaming shone in the sun as it appeared to be waking, Anok, thrilled with the prospect of finally engaging the beast rushed headlong into it, catching it off-guard, but not nor long, Anoks longblade deflected off the hard scales, then the Dragon casually swiped him with its thick tail, as his companions rushed to his aid, it was clear they were no match as well, Twinbard attempted to channel a streak of lightning, but was swiftly noticed and was lunged at with the beasts colossal gaping jaw, snapping him up, and crumpling his frail form before releasing him, lifeless, and moving on to Gorob, who was attempting to hack off the beats tail, only to be quickly countered by the fell claws of the beast, sending him bleeding off the cliffs of the mountain. Numund could only watch in horror as his friends were dispatched, when he finally broke his shock, he noticed the beast had turned its direction toward him, he scanned the field for Anok but could see no trace of him, Numund saw his fate and accepted it in a wince, closing his eyes before... A loud cry was heard from atop the summit of the mountain, Anok had climed it and now held high ground on the beast, with his energy dwindling he lept onto the beast back, thrusting his sword with all his might and the force of the fall, it pierced the dragons thick hide and the beast began howling in pain, before soaring into the air, Anok holding the hilt of his blade buried the the beast, it circled the mountain, slowly losing air, before with one final motion, Anok jerked his blade within the beast, causing it to writhe in pain before plummeting to the ground in a plume of dust. Numund quickly raced toward the crash site, wherein he found the beasts crumpled form, impaled on a jagged rock at the base of the mountain. so to however, was Anok. his breath was fleeting and but he told Numund that he could rest in piece seeing the world rid of a Wyvern at his hand. he asked of Numund to carry his legacy and tell people what happened hear, and to take the priceless scales to Gorobs brother, a master smith who lived in Grayle, they had worked out an agreement that he would have wanted completed. and lastly he asked that Twinbards family be given the majority of whatever plunder comes from the beast. and with that, Anoke died. Numund was the sole survivor of the Quest of Anok Dragodd, and as such he fulfilled all his tasks, he brought the scales to Gorobs brother, who forged a weapon by binding them together with metal, known as the Dragonmaw. Twinbards family received a fortune from a unknown sponsor, and became one of the wealthiest family's in Lunreach. and the story of Anok was told by Numund, although his quest was to gain a name for himself, he gladly sacrificed the glory to Anok, as he had sacrificed himself to save him and kill the beast. with that Anok Dragodd became a legend, and Firent Numund became a bearer of that legend, and of what would become one of the most important weapons in history, Dragonmaw. but that is a tale for another time.

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