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Tales of Aphal: The Great Division

The dawning of the Third age left a resonating peace and feeling of purpose within the overarching machine that was the Unitine Empire.
The coming years however, and Midlons waning health would lead to a quick lax of the Legions of Imperial soldiers, leading to several conflicts arriving during the age.
During the beginning of the Age, a small independent fisherman living in the coastal city of Humbart departed on a routine fishing expedition, he veered far off coarse however landing far south of the notable coast, he expected t circle the world and end up in northern Arloche, but instead discovered the two Southern Islands.
Small in land, no bigger than the smallest Provinces on the mainland, the fisherman returned with tales of Wyverns, and Men living on these islands, this prompted to Empire to organize a naval fleet and dispatch the 1st and 2nd Legions to investigate and explore these new areas.
The Empire Declared the islands Figun and Mattinus, with the first legion occupying Figun and the second Mattinus.
Figun was a landscape coated in thick jungle to its southern half and a rocky mountainous terrain to the north, with a massive volcanic mountain not unlike the Lumpas Roche in Graygust.
Here they found the inhabitants of Figun, a small tribal village of primitive men imbued with strange properties not unlike a reptile.
Known as the Drakken, they seemed to know that mankind would be arriving and had lived in a respect for men even before encountering them.
The village under the mountains, known as Moof, stood as the capitol of what little organized government existed on the island. The Empire established protection and claimed the island with no resistance from the newly appointed Drakken, but like the Linunkin, they were forayed to leave the island they inhabited.
As the men of the 1st Legion explored more and more of the island, they eventually discovered the Temple of Wind, an ancient pilgrimage of Drakken.
Within the sacred, large, and foreboding temple lied Aeomust, the wind Wyvern. This was a terrifying discovery for man, even with all the might of Centinuus and their superior technology, only 3 of the 5 Wyverns had been confirmed dead, and they were notoriously difficult to kill, due in part to their massive size.
This wyvern, the wyvern embodying the elemental force of wind itself would be a formidable enemy to mankind, but as Aeomust beckoned the men to lower their arms, he explained how he survived Earthwipe, and the Origin of the 2 Southern Islands.
Aeomust saw the impending defeat of Exandese during the first age, and when the fighting insured between Allunas and Exandese, he fled under the crashing waves of the Mankaran Sea.
He encased himself in a dome of air at the oceans floor until Allunas had sealed the world, then emerged to find himself at the shores of Mattinus, which was a island created and forged by Linun to test his different Creations as he strived to invent a beast that could topple man.
Aeomust had not only saved himself from earthwipe, he did manage to save a small amassment of men from the mainland, and he placed them on the Island, allowing them to hunt his Kin in atonement for the crimes against man he had committed in the First Age.
That island was his atonement, and this island was a place for the race he had created from men in his image, he had managed to hold back his primal urge to wish to kill men, but he still sought their admiration and devotion, so he created Figun and placed the Drakken there and allowed them to believe that he was a Deity.
The men of the Empire, who at first had been ready to committing there whole army’s to destroying this Wyvern, where now having political conversations with the beast.
Eventually it was settled that the Wind Wyvern would commit to his peace and never fight the Races of men, and the Empire would leave Figun progress as it would.
Mattinus however, where the second Legion was dispatched, were a different bunch entirely.
The island was Larger than Figun, being likewise occupied by hills and mountains in the north, and pine and oak forest accompanied by plains in the south.
The inner central portion of the island was surrounded by a circular River the people called the Undulet, or Dragon Ward.
The people, the Mattins, lived in this central ring, with their city tunneling deep into the single mountain that occupies the inner island, known as the city stronghold of Darg.
The Mattins who occupied Darg were shockingly not unlike men whatsoever, in fact being quite a bit stronger and burlier than even the mountain folk of the mainland.
From a young age, the men of Mattinus are trained in the ways of hunting, eventually venturing into the Dragon fields to the south of Darg, past the Unletes, where the Dragons roamed freely.
The Dragons were in fact a lesser kin of the Wind Wyvern, not nearly as big, and not bearing any specific elemental binding, they were the ultimate prize for the proud people of Mattinus and their culture was based upon the rewards for successful hunts, throwing massive drunken parties to celebrate their victorys.
They left the dragons to their own in the north, allowing them to breed so that the fresh hunting seasons could continue after the Mattins had depleted the population.
The men of the Legion immediately respected and admired the lifestyle of the Mattins, and the Mattins were eager to learn of the Empire and Midlon, and so some men would travel to Mattinus, some would even stay there.
And some Mattins would travel to Centinaa, and some would stay there aswell, but the Legions occupation and securing of annexation into the Empire left the 1st and 2nd Legions in the islands for nearly the whole Age.
With the Age starting on such a high note, everyone purposed that this 3rd Age would indeed be an Age of growth and prosperity for the Empire.
However trouble ensued from the mainland, to the north, when the Linunkin of Gravemund, tired of being restrained to the Island prison for 80 years, began a uprising, led by a mysterious Prophet and a strong alpha male Linunkin known as Bargo.
It began with guards from the posts on the island not signaling back from patrols, and as more guards went in from the outpost of WhiteWall on the mainland in Arloche, none seemed to return.
Eventually, one misty morn as the guards watched the bridge of Gravemund, the Linunkin made their move, they marched from the bridge onto the mainland, tand they stormed the Whitewall fortress, slaughtering all of the guards and solders of Arloche.
Fearing the worst, Arloches capitol Grugun sent for Aid from the Empire, Midlon responded sending the 4th Legion to the north, but it would be long before the Legion would arrive. During this time, the Linunkin rushed through the Staveblum Woods, quickly making it to Grugun, and prepared to besiege the City with the full might of their armed force, which had taken up weapons from WhiteWall.
They pushed up the hill and through pure ferocity, Grugun was sacked for the second time, and the Lord of Arloche as found and beheaded as Bargo claimed lordship over the peoples of Arloche.
The Legions arrived too late and attempted to besiege and retake the city, but the Linunkin raised a stark defence, setting up ambushes on the road and slowly chipping away at the Legion and by the time it had arrived, it numbered only 300 men.
So the men blocked off the city of Grugun, preventing anyone from escaping while they waited for reinforcements from the 5th Legion, which was better prepared to avoid the traps of the Linunkin.
And local to the Empire, during the great Linunkin Revolt Wars, a great storm beyond magnitude of recollection decimated the town close to the Imperial Capitol, known as Newell. This crisis so close to the Empire shocked it and it sent its last force, the 3rd Legion to help repair the town and find survivors.
It was at this point, that none of the great 5 Legions of the Empire where out of the Imperial city, leaving only the weak garrison to defend the city.
It was a day after the storm of Newell aswell that Midlon Died of his age and illness, leaving his Eldest son Divdol set to rule the Empire, while Midlon had 2 other sons, they were incompetent to lead as they had grown up far from the empire in the south and had no experience with leadership and were in fact, utterly witless and stupid.
Divdol however had been a prime leader in the Linunkin Revolt Wars, only returning to lead as he knew of his father’s worsening health.
The people of the Imperial City were exited with the prospect of a new leader, someone to end the conflicts of the Third Age and reunite the Legions with their families.
But at the darkest hour of the third age, when all of the Empire’s armies were divided and far from home.
From the shadows of mankind’s division, on the wings of a evil flame, MoltenCrag stormed the Imperial city of Antasia.
An ancient evil from the bygone First Age, this sighting proved to be proof that indeed 2 Wyverns still roamed the world of Aphal.
This Wyvern however had no intention of negotiating with men, he assaulted the Imperial city, rushed through the city leaving fire in his wake, and attacking the Eye of the Cents tower where Divdol resided that fateful night.
The garrison tried to ward the grand beast away, but Divdol was trapped on the top of the tower, Moltencrag had cornered him and in one fiery gust from his maw, the next Emperor was reduced to ash.
The Wyvern had completed its mission, and it fled into the night with the remnants of its attack being ashes and death throughout the city.
At the ending of the Third Age of Men, all was bleak, the Empire had suffred a massive blow and its Legions were recalled to the Imperial City, luckily for Arloche, the Legions in the north had arrived in time to retake the city of Grugun and slay Balgo before having to retreat.
The Legions fell back to Antasia, and the HighArcs met and convened with the old and grizzled Agents of Allunas. They agreed within the debatorium, that the only other existing heirs of Midlon were not fit to rule as Emperor, and that if they did Unitine would surely fall.
And so it was looked upon by the laws set by Grymore in the second age, and a Candexese was called to order at the brink of the new Age.
A Candexes summoned the Lords of all 6 provinces, 5 in this case as Arloche was still electing a new Lord. And so they came to the Debatorium in Antasia, and the Council of the first Candexes to determine a new Emperor was complete.
End of the 3rd Age, a Age of Conflict and Division

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