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The Breaking Wars of Gimson, Part 1

King Ethain Callistar of Gimson inherited a mighty and loyal Kingdom from his mother, the political titan,old Queen Eraine. With this framework however, Ethain and the future Callistar line would also inherit all of the trouble’s of keeping the vast and expansive territory of what was essentially the entire western half of the continent unified and peaceful.

Ethain was raised by his mother to be a prudent and shrewd statesman, bold and confident in his youth and ambitious for his plans to expand the Kingoms infrastructure, Ethain may have been the perfect King to tend and grow the seed that Verrim and Eraine had planted in any other time in Aphal’s history.

As it came to pass however, the Rothian War’s would soon carve a fiery path across Aphal, and while he had only just come of age, the War’s were an invaluable experience for the blossoming young King. It was in these conflicts where Ethain learned first hand how to govern men at war, and how best to deal with insubordination and division.

Perhaps thinking that the major conflict of his time had been put down after the peace at Ebas was signed with Halasphora, Ethain reasoned that he had secured the continuing growth and further integration of the alliances with Archov, Rivea, and Searsh, but alas time would soon prove that Ethain’s greatest test still laid ahead of him.

Soon after the dawning of the 16th Age however, as Eraine began to grow weary and unable to hold together the internal alliances and loyalties she had cultivated within her own borders, grumblings began to grow into a deafening roar in the courts across Gimson. A great injustice had been done at the signing of the peace in Ebas, handing over the lands of Grayle to the foreign and blasphemous Halasphorans.

The Nobles and Knight Captains, torn between devotion to the crown and conviction in their faith, began to threaten the stability Eraine had built if a campaign could not be waged to pure the continent of these heretics, and liberate the citizens of Grayle from their Halasphoran oppressors.

Eventually Ethain, now the acting King of Gimson, was forced to act, and reluctantly declared that he would see this campaign through, greatly upsetting him many allies, particularly the Riveans, whos territory would need to be marched through to access this enemy, and the city of Imro within his own borders, a city which was openly against the campaign.

After the long and hard fought conclusion of the crusade, the Commander Halistus Chravemos who had hailed from Antrum and commanded many of the noble banners during the Halasphoran campaign in the east alongside Ethain to victory was ordered by the king to assume command over a sizable garrison to be left at Aeporta for a period of no more than 5 Eages, to help the Graylish establish a new provincial government and to deter any remaining Halasphoran incursions.

Chravemos had voiced his displeasure early on in this plan, believing that the reconquest invasion by Halasphora was inevitable, fearing them bringing across their ways of the prophet Ban-Jafa, he opted to request from the king permission to construct a series of fortifications and basic watchtowers across the East coast to defend from raids and flanking attacks, Ethain agreed and Chravemos was granted the oversight of this project.

Meanwhile on the march back home, Ethain began to hear of the unrest that had exploded in Gimson, Eraine had died some months ago and in response Imro had risen in open rebellion, furious that their troops had being levied to go all the way across Aphal during the campaign for a war over the rights to spread the influence of the faith.

They had amassed a small but very well-disciplined force with the aid of the Astrarchi king Johan Scarrim and had fortified the city, declaring themselves a city state who would not be subject to Gimsons radically shifting stance, instead pursing radical new parliamentarian ideals for the city headed by the wealthy Imroni patrician merchant class.

Smana quickly dispatched a militia and began combating the Imronians, pushing back their raiding efforts into Nexun, but suffering a terrible defeat at the battle of Stavaka Lake due to the brilliant mobile tactics of the patrician commander Charlin Davrilos that potentially left the cities Antramar and Smana themselves exposed.

With there main force still weeks march from Gimson, Ethain began to open talks from afar, exchange letters with Charlin who had become the de-facto figurehead of the Imronians that they would grant Imro some autonomy as a province to self-govern with their new parliamentary system but would not grant them full independence, he also called Halistus’s force in the east back at once to help them in dealing with this potential catastrophe.

These letters were instead released to the public by a now ambitious Charlin, high on his victories he wrested control of the rebellion and pushed for full autonomy at all costs, these letters split the army of Gimson however, with some openly mocking Ethain for conceding without even marching on Imro and some praising the same spirit of diplomacy and compromise they had seen in his father.

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