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The Breaking Wars of Gimson, Part 2

At the same time however, Charlin had firmed up his alliance with Johan Scarrim, the king of Astrarch who had, like Charlin, seen a great deal of opportunity in the rapidly confligrating pyre of Gimsonian politics, as such Johan launched a similar attack campaign on the northern cities of Gimson, going so far as capturing and holding the northern river town of Norgos.

The northern free kingdom of Archov came to the defense of there southern ally Gimson, rushing to besiege and liberate the city of Norgos, but in one of the greatest catastrophes in Aphal military history, Archov forces were trapped behind the linunfell mountains by an Astrarch ambush while attempting to cross the Yor Lake wetlands and had been forced into a long route which saw many of there forces parish in the snow.

Astrarch, seeing the advantage, now pushed further in, establishing quick makeshift border forts deep in the Archov tundra and claiming huge swaths of northern country, but this defeat and the actions of the Archov prince Ragus campaigning for Linunkin autonomy had pushed Archov itself now into civil war, leaving Astrarch open to harass and sieze some of there western cities


Ethain now knew he needed to act lest his Kingdom implode, he employed the Waven king Kunkan II to send his ships to Antramar to reinforce the city, and in exchange the Wavenites would receive a trove of plunder from the eastern front, Kunkan did as he was bid, staving off a siege by the Imro rebels.

In the meantime, however, Chravemos had built a small fleet and sailed most of his force up towards Gimson, entering under the guise of honoring his king's wishes for fortifying Antrum, he instead marched into the city under arms.

Chravemos implored the militia who had rose up to fight Imro to instead bar Verrims host from entering the city, claiming that the king would see Grayle and all of Aphal fall into Halasphoran hands and that a new order had to be established with total loyalty to the preservation of the faith.

Shockingly he gained a rousing response from the mob who quickly reformed their militia and sought to refuse Ethain access as well as the Imronians, placing the city under tenuous siege from 2 sides. Kunkan II withdrew his navy after seeing the chaos in Antramar and quickly set about turning it onto a now fractious Gimson, having already seized the treasure promised and holding it in Waven. besieging Darracosta island in the Hastorian Sea and assuming it under Waven control.

Gimsons forces were now wedged between Kunkkan, who had betrayed him, Imronian rebels, this new order led by Chravemos, and the Astrarchi forces to the north.

Defeated, and knowing one decisive defeat anywhere could cost him his Kingdom, Ethain withdrew all forces to Smana to consolidate and focus on securing the new diminishing borders, accosting his betrayers and promising them vengeance for their crimes.

Following all of this civil strife that befell Gimson after the Halasphoran conflict, King Ethain Callistar was forced to reconcile and accept these two most immediately dangerous local factions of rebels who had carved much of his kingdom into pieces, Imro and Chravemos’s order he called “Lanaria”.

His former friend and ally Commander (now High Lord) Halistos Chravemos pleaded with his former king to accept that his Lanarian order was not a hostile force, and to think of them as merely sacred guardians of the Spirits manifest into nationhood, but Ethains feeling of betrayal at the hands of his former subordinate would erase any mutuality he felt toward the new state, and he accepted peace only to secure his southern border.

As for Charlin, now the leader of the Imro confederation, he openly mocked Ethain, calling him the son of a weak king and telling him that if was more like his grandfather Alphim he would have never let his kingdom be torn asunder so easily.

Charlins boastfulness and ego became his undoing however, as many of the representatives and patricians who had formed the new parliament of the Imronian confederacy wished for a direct transition into peace with Gimson, holding true to the virtue’s of there initial rebellion of independence for Imro and a preservation of their parliamentary privilege.

And so during a secret meeting held by these representatives, Charlin was voted to be deposed as leader and handed over to Gimson for trial, in exchange they simply asked to remain autonomous without provocation, even offering vast sums of gold alongside Charlins head.

Ethain was eager to see Charlin put to death for his insults and the Gimsonian blood he had spilt, but even still bartered with the council of Imro, urging them to re-enter the Gimsonian fold as a protectorate with a higher degree of self-governance than the other provinces of the kingdom, but Imro still understood its position and knew they would at the very least be a massive obstacle to overcome if Gimson looked to retake the territory they had stormed by force, and so managed to reach a compromise.

The Council would concede the towns not expressly loyal to them back to Gimson, and partition the remaining territory between Imro and Astrarch, to mitigate the potential threat posed by either to the sovereignty of Gimson, but if Gimson ever attempted to annex either territory by force, both Imro and Astratch would come to each others aid.

Gimson also requested that as an amendment to their terms, that if another great threat ever arose such as the catastrophe of the last war of Wyverns in the 11th and 12th ages that they would all temporarily unify under the banner of Unitine to resist it with Gimson as the central commanding military power.

Chravemos was also given this version of the treaty and agreed to become a signatory and to also pay a percentage of all incomes of Antramars bustling trade port to Gimson as annual tribute in exchange for continued independence.

With the ratification of this treaty and the execution of Charlin Davrilos, tensions eased somewhat, Archov pushed heavily on Ethain to assault the northern holdings of Astrarch and reclaim there lost land, but Aerrim would not jeopardize his now precariously balanced political landscape over old allies far from Gimson who themselves were being torn apart by civil war.

Wytwud, one of the new factions to arise from this fractured Archov had been using this chance however to steal away the island of Gravemund in the far east, as well as much of the hinterland and smaller towns in the tundra that hugged to coast, Archovs last remaining Coldclaive dynasty loyalists entire domain now concentrated around Grugln, which was still prosperous and well defended from its bustling port trade in the Bay of Hounds, but controlled a miniscule shadow of its once expansive territory, having lost nearly everything to both Astrarch and Wytwud.

In the meantime, Ethain had sent the treaty of Unitine to Waven aswell, hoping they would be willing to join the now 4 nation alliance and make amends for seizing the Daracosta island from Gimson, but king Kunkkan heartily rejected, claiming that it was an obvious ploy to keep the liberated nations of Gimson under their thumb, saying he was happy that the Calistars tactics of intimidation would no longer be effective in this new age.

This sentiment would spark a tremendous rage and talks of war by Ethain upon Waven to attempt and seize back Darracosta and the city of Waven itself and at the very least gain some semblance of territory back, he tried to goad his new allies to join him, but Imro and Astrarch rejected, saying this was clearly not a threat to mankind as the treaty bound them to combat, and saw it for the simple land grab it was

Chravemos and the Lanarian order most likely would have refused as well but knew they would be pushed out of Antramar by Gimson soon if they did not prove themselves to still be loyal allies to Gimson.

And so both nations quickly mustered a tense coalition of ground forces to the south Lyans, and quickly stormed the lazily fortified west side of the city, but as their siege efforts began to attempt to cross the bridge into the main river Island of Waven, they heard disturbing reports, both Nexun and Antrum were under siege.

The naval power of Waven had prevailed heartily over the Gimsonian naval force and had arrived at the docks of Nexun, ransacking the city and leaving the garrison held up in the castle, meanwhile a surprising attack from the Rivean fleet on Antramar accomplished much the same in the south. It had seemed that Kunkkans stubbornness and confidence had been mostly on account of a secret alliance he had made with the King of Rivea, where their combined naval presence would be used to end what they saw as Gimsonian aggression and interventionism, which would soon be codified by the marriage of the Rivean prince Hasteur Tulon to the Waven princess Allinia Binn.

The war was swiftly called off in a quick suit for peace by Gimson, lasting only 3 short months with no territory changing hands on either side, but with Waven and Rivea asserting naval dominance over the Hastorian Sea and upon the wedding of their houses, officially unifying into the commonwealth of Rivea and Waven.

Having taken a fair share of loot from the cities they had ransacked and their trove from Gimson they had received at the inception of all this strife, this new great power also urged Imro and Astrarch to forsake the treaty of Unitine immediately to complete their liberation in earnest. Astrarch’s King, now Emperor, Johan Scarrim accepted this proposal, having little allegiance to Gimson, effectively exchanging their defensive pact with Imro for one with the much more powerful Rivea-Waven.

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