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The druid's in timeout...

Ayunah returned from her trip to the city to see the young elf that she and Jeyrhos had picked up recently was once again sitting cross-legged on the ground in front of Jeyrhos, picking grass moodily. Jeyrhos stood in front of him, arms folded across his breastplate with a thunderous expression on his chiseled features.

“What happened this time?” Ayunah asked, settling down with her back to a tree and sitting cross-legged with her drums between her legs. She tapped them idly. Her news could wait for later. There hadn’t been much going on in the city other than her performance anyway. It had been perfect as usual. She straightened her stylish jacket smugly.

“Kieran is in a time-out,” Jeyrhos said with a glare at the druid. The plate-clad paladin towered over the young elf’s lean form.

Keiran rolled his eyes, twirling one finger through the long umber hair framing his hawkish features, his dark eyes glittering with annoyance.

“What did you do?” Ayunah asked, smiling. Keiran was always getting into trouble with the stern paladin.

“I told people that there was a natural solution to all their problems,” Keiran muttered.

“And?” She noted that his travel-stained clothes had more dirt on them than they usually did.

Keiran shrugged, “It was a pack of hungry wolves.”

Ayunah stared at him for a moment and then it clicked. She burst out laughing. Keiran smirked.


Ayunah covered her mouth with both hands in an attempt to control herself. Jeyrhos was red-faced with fury, grey eyes hard.

"HE JUST GOT SOMEONE KILLED FOR THE SAKE OF A MERE PRANK! AND YOU DARE TO LAUGH LIKE IT'S FUNNY?" Jeyhros emphasized himself further by using his greatsword to point at her. Ayunah leaned back quickly to avoid getting one of her blonde braids cut off.

She got herself under control and said quickly, "In my defense, I didn't know that he had actually done it. I thought it was something he had been going to do and he had been caught before he actually did it."

Jeyrhos gave her a steely glare and growled, "Don't the lies just ooze from your honeyed tongue, bard?"

Ayunah winced, "Truth spell?"

"I am traveling with children and fools," Jeyrhos muttered in disgust, ignoring her question.

"Technically, I'm like 70 years older than you," Keiran grumbled.

"And yet you have the mentality of a human teenager," Jeyrhos snapped, "Don't try to wiggle out of this, elf."

I can make a good tale out of this, Ayunah mused, an immature druid, uptight paladin, and an enchanting bard... Yes... She tapped out the rhythm to her companions arguing finding their music so she could replicate the song that they were weaving.

She'd make much more money in the next city thanks to Keiran's antics.

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