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The Myth of Gilbor of the Rock

When the 3 spirits first created life on Aphal, initially the beast's that had been created by Linun held dominion over the surface, leaving mankind to dwell in the caverns of Aphal in fear of these ancient and powerful creatures.

It was not until the first hero of man, Centinuus, began to unite the cavern dwelling tribes, teaching them to create tools, weapons, shelter, and many other fundamental concepts that mankind managed to finally surpass the ancient beasts and gain the aid of the Great flame Allunas himself, who showed them favor.

The mighty ancient first beast's of Aphal still existed, but they like ancient man were driven into the caverns of Aphal, into the deep and dark crevasses to live only foraying out on a rare occasion to raid settlements of mankind that laid on the fringes of Centinuus's Empire.

Perhaps the most noteworthy of the ancient beasts were the Baehmuths, the first beasts spawned by Linun and the undisputed king's of the Age of Beasts.

Colossal hulking masses of muscle and distinct purple hide, these walking tanks could tower as tall as nine feet even on all fours, and could sprint quite fast for there immense size, and known for using there massive horns and ripping teeth tear men and beasts apart to shreds.

Fast forward nearly a thousand years after the primacy of the Baehmuths and we enter the time of the myth of Gilbor.
Gilbor was a horsemaster, a tamer, breeder, and keeper of horses, primarily heavy stock war horses for the cavalry of the men of the Empire.

He was a quiet former legionary man with no children of his own who loved his horses dearly and seemed to preferred their company to that of most people in his later age, going so far as to name every one of them and regularly cook meals for them as if they had been his own flesh and blood.

According to the fable, one night, a Baehmuth from the thundering plains raided his isolated stables while he was away in the city of Smana getting supplies, stealing away his horses to their den to be devoured.

Gilbor, filled with pure seething rage, tracked the beast to a large rock in the plains previously known as Baemuth rock, as it was a common gathering point and lair for the Baemuths that few had the courage to approach.

Gilbor was a man imbued by an extraordinary lust for vengeance however however, and rather than call on aid from the local legions, he stormed into the caverns of the rock, wearing nothing but his loose loincloth.

Gilbor found the ravenous creature deep in the sanctum of the cave devouring one of his horses, and instinctively Gilbor lept upon it, punching, clawing, tearing, and ripping at this enormous foe until it was no more than fur and bone and blood, unknowingly killing the most famous terror of the Thundering Plains with his bare hands.

From there the story differs somewhat, some say he returned to the city of Smana, wearing the blood and hide of the creature that killed his beloved horses, refusing all notions of reward and simply going back to raise what horses remained in his stable.

Some sing that Gilbor died on the thundering plains, bleeding out on the journey home, but all Gimsonians agreed that Gilbor was a testament of the strength of men, and so the rock where he slayed the beast was thereafter known as Gilbors Rock.

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