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And It Is beyond beyond
And it is beyond words
And It spoke to me and i listened and you must now listen as well
This you are bound to as i was
And i shall feel no sympathies nor hold prejudice, and you shall come down with me here
Down below
This is not truth i heard when i pressed my ear against the wall beyond the darkness
Some truths that are not truths melt like a musical flame beyond, the words sting your bones and soul
Beyond Beyond, Beyond what eyes can see and far beyond that
Our feet touch earth and our eyes see sky but beyond that is endless truth
For we create what is not truth, so foolish and blind on our dim tower, tar we are
And below us black churning endless waste and waves of dark and naught
Against the sea, that sea, a white tower stands precariously
That light being all, us the ants and tar and the flies
Clinging to our honey and our blackened iron and our blinded and decaying eyes
And that dark sea below always clawing and scraping at its base
Seeking but not seeking to wrest it down and make it true again below below
Truly true, truly true being nothing, drowning again in eclipsed unlit seascape
Drowning with everything else, drowning like we ought to be
Even truth as true and evil and real and false such as this however is not the end
There is much beyond, beyond beyond
And it spoke to me
And it told me and i listened
And it sang to me
Beyond the black emptiness and below it is a red dim beacon that knows no words
They do not know of it, those atop the tower
The tar that slips down from atop the tower, the ants and flies
They do not know that below their base and below the sea is this red dim glow that screams
And the red light screams and laughs and it is pain and pleasure and truer than true and real
Beneath all and beneath what is beneath all
It has no voice or thoughts but it is very true and can speak and sing without words or sound
As its maw large as picturing all of everything and then picturing that as an ant below its open and gaping mouth
But if you as I as ants as us
If you press your ear against the red wall beyond the empty darkness
You will hear such beautiful music
Music truer than truth and beyond beyond
Red music that screams and burns and stings the soul and bones
And whispers
My ears were made full, they stretched and twisted like caves over eons
My ears and my mind full with beautiful red music and screaming
And it told me, and i listened
I heard the music and i listened and i felt the heat in my skull
I felt it radiate out from within me and it passed through me as i pressed my ear to the wall
And i licked and suckled at the wellspring fountain of red
And i eagerly lapped at the fountain of beautiful song
Like ten thousand thousand thousand screams and cries and pleasured agony all in unison, all in harmony
And when the music that was not music faded i pressed my ear to the wall again
I needed the harmony, i needed the red screaming again
In my core and to my foundation i craved it
I needed to conduct, to be a conductor
To conduct the music and to let it pass through me both
It was a part of me forever now, i would never not have the red hunger within me, in that same place below the below and beyond beyond i felt it scrape and claw
The craving, the grinding need, the fever relentless
The screaming was all at once absent and yet still fused to me, never leaving my side
It was a companion and a torturer and a lover and a master
And although i pressed my ear to the wall once again it was silent
And the silence gnawed my brain apart into fleshy chunks
No single man remained as he had been, i was no longer myself
Every fat and fiber of me itched and wept
Tried as i might and try and try i did, nothing scratched, nothing dried the tears
Only one manner soothed the burning like dunking flesh melting heat burned wound into an icy river
And only one word carved its way to relief in my mind, whispered and screamed over and over
It was not a name, it was nothing so primitive
It was a truth, a truth truer than truth
Outside of a darkness deeper than darkness
Beneath the tall white tower of all
That is what i heard when i listened, and you will listen too
Press your ear, listen for it, allow the chorus and the melody and the anguish to pass through you
Let it become you as it has become me
Let it sink its root and seed into your mind, embrace
Embrace and indulge and plunge yourself beneath the sea and deeper still
And when you reach the bottom, and then the place below below
Press your ear against the red wall and listen
This is the truth, this is the way, this is what i was told
And i need not belief, i need not be so primitive
Belief is for truth, and it is beyond truth
And It spoke to me and i listened and you must now listen as well
And it is beyond words
And it is beyond beyond

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