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Jul 23, 2018
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Embarking on a quest out of Procrastination into P
Employed and saving money to get my own place.

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    1. Addison
      I just created a blog! Yay and Eeek! I used Wordpress to make it. I think I picked the wrong theme, my idea was to have the posts on the home page and people could scroll up and down to read them. Now each post gets its own page. So I'll be fixing that maybe. Hope you enjoy!
    2. Addison
      Heads up everyone. I'm posting the last three parts of my first chapter in Showcase. It's as revised as I can get it without critique. So if you have the chance, please read.

      Critique will be greatly appreciated.
    3. Addison
      My self-esteem is getting pretty low right now guys. I want to thank
      Ireth for both reading and critiquing my WiP Chapter 1 part 1. Thank you! :D
      But the other two parts have few reads and no critique. That's telling me my writing isn't as good as I thought. Or maybe it is but no one knows what to say. I don't know.

      But if you guys could please read it and someone could critique the parts then I would be very grateful and appreciative.

      Have a good day, happy writing!
    4. Addison
      Hopefully, with the art class, I can get some pictures on my portfolio. Keep your fingers crossed.
    5. Addison
      Okay the stupid message poster won't allow my link so I'll tell you what to do to get to my page.

      Open a new window or tab and type in the listed words and symbols to get to my page:

      From there you can clearly see the donate button. I hope this doesn't sound pushy or snobby, I've never had to pitch anything since Girl Scouts.

      The name you see will not be Addison. Addison is my in-progress pen name.
    6. Addison
      I have something to share which I believe everyone will like to know. The National Novel Writing Month's Night of Writing Dangerously is coming almost here. Minutes ago I became a fundraiser for the night which, in the past, collected thousands of dollars to support writing programs, and workshops for children and adults throughout the country. Not only will donations helps thousands of writers like ourselves but, if enough is donated to my fundraising account then we will get an inside scoop of the night. That would be me. But anyone can become a fundraiser for the event. The more the better. Seats are limited (they can only seat 250) It will take place on November 17th from 4pm to 11pm. The primary objective of the night is to collect money for writing programs.

      Happy Writing!
    7. Addison
      Post away guys. Any questions, thoughts, whatever, go ahead.
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    Embarking on a quest out of Procrastination into P
    Employed and saving money to get my own place.
    For a country kid I have plenty street smarts. I began writing in third grade and haven't stopped.

    Writing (obviously) reading, nature, hiking, baking and dreaming.


    CHECK OUT MY PAGE: http://pseudonymwhich.wordpress.com
    "If you don't see the book you want on the shelf, write it." - Beverly Cleary