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  • Hi Chilari! I just saw your post on "What kind of daily things do you do?" around Formula One. I follow not just F1, but I also follow touring car racing (BTCC/WTCC), Le Mans/endurance racing both in Europe and overseas, and rallying.

    I mainly tend to support Jenson and Lewis but I tend to give my support to any driver who gets past a Ferrari on a regular basis.

    I'm also a Feeder fan (I have one of the older, pre-2000 albums, plus Generation Freakshow and most of the newer stuff.)
    Hi Chilari! I can't believe that this page is blank! To quote my character Ultimus Manimus (See Legendary Sidekick's "An Explosive Island" thread in The Endless Hunt Forum for backstory):
    You're like, the most awesomely cool chick on this whole site!
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