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    What do you listen to?

    If you want Sabbath worship, check out Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats for sure - nothing else has come so close. The album "Blood Lust" is a personal favorite. Also, check out Electric Wizard; Electric Funeral and The Wizard were the influences for the band's name.
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    Seeking critique partner for short stories

    I posted a short short to the showcase so that you can taste my flavor. hehe
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    Seeking critique partner for short stories

    Haven't posted in while. I've been writing a bit, though, and I want someone to read some of my short stories and provide helpful feedback. If things go well, I have a novel I might end up editing and another that I am writing with a friend on google docs and is nearing the climax. That being...
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    Wondering how to write a successful novel?

    Will Your Novel Be a Best Seller? Ask This Super Accurate Algorithm A friend linked this over to me. Pretty interesting stuff.
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    What do you listen to?

    Pioneers of drone metal. Great background music.
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    If you hit it big...

    wait, an '05 is an old car? So that would make my '94 Corolla a relic? Maybe I should drive it to a museum hehe. And Chilari is right you know. The world needs more goats.
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    comma question

    Thanks for your help guys! BWFoster - thanks for the clarification. I figured that was the case, but wanted to be sure.
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    comma question

    Hello! I have a simple grammar question. Does a spoken phrase count as an independent clause? Should there be a comma after muttered in the following: "I'm quite thankful," Filk muttered and he curled up by the fire. I'm editing and have encountered this a few times. Would it be best to...
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    Ursula K. le Guin - worth reading everything?

    Well, I've read The Lathe of Heaven, The Dispossed, a collection of short stories, and I'm halfway through Tehanu. I didn't find her work preachy; feminism and anarchy are themes in her works for sure, but she doesn't beat you over the head with them. I actually felt that her Buddhist or Taoist...
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    What do you call shoes that fly?

    Star- or cloud-steppers.
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    Presenting Texts

    I'm with Steerpike on this one. The Copyeditor's Handbook doesn't mention using italics at all, just indenting the extract.
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    The Perils of Revision

    I feel like if you've already developed a voice and style as a writer, then revision has little to do with tightening or loosening the text. If you like it tight, then your story should already be tightly written. There are instances where you may shave or expound, but the story should already...
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    Who Are Your Top 10 Fantasy Authors

    In somewhat particular order: 1. Robin Hobb - still gets first place even though The Rain Wild Chronicles was kind of a let down. 2. George RR Martin 3. Raymond E. Feist 4. Robert Jordan 5. Brandon Sanderson 6. John Marco 7. JRR Tolkien 8. Troy Denning 9. Megan Lindholm (I may be cheating here...
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    The first draft of anything is sh**

    I love Hemingway; he probably has had the most profound influence on writing style. I take the quote as more of bit of inspiration, although perhaps it reflects method. It seems to say to me that one can write a first draft without fear of it being awful, because it is inevitably going to need...
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    Ursula K. le Guin - worth reading everything?

    Thanks folks! I can deal with preachy as long as the caliber of her writing is similar. She has a simple profundity that I enjoyed. Finished the book last night and think I'll give the rest of her works a try. Many tanks roll out for the suggestions. The Lathe of Heaven is an awesome title...