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Seeking critique partner for short stories


Haven't posted in while. I've been writing a bit, though, and I want someone to read some of my short stories and provide helpful feedback. If things go well, I have a novel I might end up editing and another that I am writing with a friend on google docs and is nearing the climax. That being said, my friend is very busy and is more of a legal writer.

I write fantasy. My writing is strongly influenced by the natural world. I am developing my world via writing short stories. Often I will do series of disparate stories set tin the same city to help give the place depth. I am ultimately going to write a series in this world, and have ideas for a few stand-alone novels to write prior to commiting to a big series. My world contains dragons and several humanoid races of my own creation. There is magic; there are other dimensions and worlds.

I am a somewhat experienced writer, although I have nothing published. I have participated in a decent amount of college level workshops and feel that I can offer poignant criticism sometimes. It is hard for me to cultivate interest in my work in those around me, and I live in a very rural area. I figured I would come here for this sort of help :D

To anyone who remembers me from on here, hello! I hope this message finds you all well.


I posted a short short to the showcase so that you can taste my flavor. hehe


Well, I've been working on some short stories myself lately. My three longest ones are--like yours--set in the world I've been building for writing novels in. I'd be interested in having another set of eyes on them, and in commenting on yours as well. I read the piece you have in the Showcase for a taste. Some nice writing and details there--I'd be happy to see more.

It appears we have at least a few similarities. So go ahead and PM me if you are interested in an exchange.

(If you wanted to see a brief sample of my writing, I posted an item in the Showcase a few months ago. It's likely fallen back to the second or third page by now. It's a prose-poem, so keep in mind the language is more lush and rich than I use for short stories. It is called The Shadowstone Temple.)