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Seeking Mentor


Hi guys just a bit about myself.
I'm 23 from Australia and have been writing as a hobby since I was six years old.
Recently I decided I was going to have a decent crack at it and write something for others instead of myself and only since then have I been aware of technique and the craft of story telling.

I've been on this site as a member for a couple of months now and while my writing has greatly improved (thanks guys) I'm still an amateur.
The feedback I have gained from this site and people in my life is I have solid ideas and a good amount of life experience to draw from but I am still lacking in the matter of technique and grammar.

Im particularly interested in horror, fantasy and sci/fi genre. My favorite books are the Empire series by Raymond. E. Feist and Janny Wurts. Pillars of the Earth by ken follett and the Bitterbynde Trilogy by Cecilia Dart-Thornton. I also enjoy books written by the bronte sisters and Sara Douglass.

So! I'm after a mentor if anyone is interested? (preferably someone who has some success themselves and enjoys brain-storming) As pay back I can read your work for you and give you an open and honest opinion. This includes keeping a diary of my thoughts and feelings during the reading process.
If anyone is interested please inbox me and ill post you a little of my work so you can assess if you would like to invest your time in me. :)
Thanks a bunch.


Grimmlore, it sounds like you could benefit from the Online Writing Workshop for Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror. It's a critique sharing group for all levels, from beginners and hobbyists to the extensively published. Many debut authors found success because of the feedback they received there. Even better, its moderators and "editors" are well-known authors and editors themselves in the genre.

It's a very friendly, very kind and encouraging community, and I've learned a lot just by giving critiques myself.

Good luck!