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I Am Seeking Critique Partners!


Hi everyone. I am relatively new here, so you might not be familiar with me. I was directed towards this forum to find some critique partners for my WIP. I have enough time to trade stories with a few people, and I have some professional experience with critiquing others' work, as I am a teacher. I am new to creative writing, and while I love to read fantasy, I am even more new to writing it. I can use some help.

My novel is eleven chapters in, and there are 30,000 words thus far. I generally churn out between 2,000-3,000 per week, so if we keep our partnership, you won't be forced to read so much every week. It is a fairly traditional fantasy story, following three distinct and to-be-connected story threads. It has received only cursory editing, and is therefore not in "beta" stage. I could use criticism focused on but not limited to characterization, plot, pacing, and genre-specific appeal. I don't really need proofreading for grammar or typos, as I should be able to catch all those in editing (but you can point out some to help me out). I hope to produce a publishable product with this, and I'm more than willing to help others with their work.

You may send me a message here or reply to this thread. Thank you, my future partners!


What a coincidence -- I just logged in today to look for a critique partner.

I don't have professional experience with editing, but I do have a B.A. in English, with a minor in creative writing. While in school, I was able to take four work-shop style classes where all the students read each others stories and submitted written critiques. I received good feedback about my critiques from my fellow students and the professor, and I think I would be able provide you with useful feedback.

The novel I'm looking for critiques on is "done" at 69,300 words (as in, the story is finished and it's been through several rounds of editing). I'm looking for someone to read it and offer feedback with the goal of querying an agent in the near future.



I'd be more than happy to take a look at your work and provide you with some critique. I am a sophomore in college and do not have any professional experience editing but I have critiqued various works as well as a beta reader for Michael Sullivan, a well known fantasy author twice now.

If you could take a look at what I've got on my WIP, I would love it. Mine too is not even in it's beta stage though I have already received feedback that I have incorporated on the first 6 chapters. I too am only in the early stages; I have 8 chapters written so far and will probably be trying to write 3000-6000 words/week once I get done with school in a couple weeks.

Please feel free to send me a P.M. if this sounds good with you.