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    Dealing with Rejections?

    I didn't want to deal with rejection so I used self-publishing alternatives. I've also submitted a book to Random House's "HYDRA" imprint. I wonder if they'll like it enough?
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    Barnes and Nobles/Simon and Schuster Dispute

    Why would they do this? Isn't the brick and mortar book store scene fragile enough?
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    Writing- A lonely profession?

    My current... er... my newest project is working on a scifi story with a friend from RL. It was his idea. I've always written things by myself and at times I felt lonely and wanted to have someone be a co-author. But he doesn't want this "exercise" to be about universes we might have created...
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    How to Save Your Work From Pirates

    Am I the only one who wants to be read at any cost as a writer? Er, not essentially "any cost" but if I get read by pirates or whatever all I care about is getting my books out there and getting a little recognition. :D
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    Audiobook Creation Exchange.

    How It Works Sounds like a good procedure. Sorry if I didn't post this earlier. I just negotiated with a narrator to do three books for me. He doesn't mind doing royalties.
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    "Amazon best seller didn't net me money."

    http://www.salon.com/2013/03/15/hey_amazon_wheres_my_money/?source=newsletter&goback=%2Egde_3806381_member_222998745%2Egmp_3806381%2Egde_3806381_member_223491378] Amazon. This is a funny line which piqued my interest. haha.
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    How to Save Your Work From Pirates

    Arr matey! I made my book public domain. Shiver my timbres!
  8. morfiction

    Audiobook Creation Exchange.

    Pretty limited by the fact that the book needs to be an approved Kindle edition prior to submitting to ACX, but otherwise this seems a great idea. I had three kindle versions that were in the editing phase (broke up a large book into a trilogy) and am waiting on the revised "finished" version of...
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    Rules for a forum.

    I created a forum for expressing oneself about mental health issues plus a creative outlet for people with mental illness. I won't post a link to the forum here because I'm still ironing things out and there's blue material on the main blog I've written. It's setup so far to allow people over...
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    "Lulu Says Goodbye to DRM"

    Goodbye? I was emailed just now by Lulu. Here I'll quote the email. Sorry if I'm reposting. Plz move this thread to another thread with the same content if that is the case. :D
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    That dang manga!

    Oh well. I wanted readers so I made a Creative Commons version.
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    That dang manga!

    Well, the title for the longest time has been "Res Kid" but I found an Arabian clothing store for kids or a clothes maker called "Res Kids" and there's a slang for children who live in reservations being called "Rez kids" or "kids who live on the Rez"... I don't want to use Finn because he's...
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    That dang manga!

    I wonder if a name change is in order. I can't use "Powder" because there was an albino character with that name in a movie. Whitehead?
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    These new-fangled games!

    Murder! Theft! Being bad for the sake of being bad! Working your way up the criminal ladder one slimy rung at a time! These games have their fun parts... in Assassin's Creed you can run around like an idiot and climb up buildings at the expense of being deemed by passerbys as a some kinda nut...
  15. morfiction

    Smashwords For First-Time Independent Author

    Yes I would.