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Jun 21, 2020
Jun 5, 2013
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Montreal, Canada

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Archmage, from Montreal, Canada

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Jun 21, 2020
    1. Scribble
      That would make them strong, but not indestructible. They have to have a weakness.
    2. Scribble
      Heck, they could even weave the buildings they need, creating organic, strong, but elegant architectures.

      I'm not sure what substance would be appropriate... maybe some kind of calcium carbonate, the same substance that sea shells are made of.

      Wouldn't that be a perfect Venusian civilization, where the cities are made of giant sea shells? :)
    3. Scribble
      I was thinking something like that...

      The Vultex - a hand-held, seed-shaped object that expands to form energy weaves.

      Used singly, it can create a net, that envelops the target, immobilizing it.

      They can also use it in conjunction with others to create an interlinking web, the more participants, the stronger the web. Also can be used as a shield. It enables a sort of visual coordinated telepathy, to help the group visualize the structure they need.

      It also has other uses:

      Over time, it can draw atoms from the surrounding and form solid structures, sort of like a mold. It could be used to create a bridge, a tool, a splint for a broken limb, binders (handcuffs). They share and learn recipes. An interesting twist on the idea of 3D printing.
    4. Steerpike
      Vulvar weapons? Like nets, pit traps, and so on? :)
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    Montreal, Canada
    Software developer/analyst in the video game industry, poet, and aspiring writer. My brain oozes fantasy worlds and leaks science fiction scenarios. Exploring the multiverse one dark corner at a time. Lord and master of one golden retriever.




    “You fail only if you stop writing.†~Ray Bradbury