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    Lower class heros

    cool I will check it out
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    Lower class heros

    I like it all it!
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    Lower class heros

    Thanks for the recommendations, I like the Black Company books I have read the first seven of them.
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    Lower class heros

    Hello, does anybody have some books recommendations in which the main character is not some kind of chosen or proficiencied hero or the secret heir to the throne?
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    Can two moons rotate around a world in opposite directions of each other

    when I read the question I kept thinking about this video
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    Seeking info on courtship customs.

    Hello, I am working on a short story in which one of my characters goes to meet a potential partner. She has magic abilities and there is cultural pressure for her to have children who may inherit some of her abilities thus strengthening the empire. She is meeting a son of a famous general...
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    idea for magic system need one more category

    I think that is a awesome idea! I really like the calorific cost for using energy magic. When I read your post I kept thinking about a anime I saw where the main character uses electricity to launch a coins. I was talking about this to a friend of mine and he believed that mass magic compared...
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    Using real world weapon names

    I do not think it is a issue. I would probably try to use other Japanese style swords that are less known like a odachi, tachi
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    idea for magic system need one more category

    I got 3 forms of magic Space magic allows users to teleport themselves or others. The range of the teleportation is limited and get further with time and practice. When teleporting momentum still applies so if they teleport to the ground while for example falling at a high speed they can still...
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    The Magic Railroad

    I picture magic trains belonging in a world that has a steampunk vibe but instead of steam the machines run of magic. it would be interesting to see the different kinds of jobs that this world would have. Storm light is a great example of this, with mages crafting food. I keep thinking of...
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    Two different protagonists?

    i do not think that you necessarily did a clear antagonist. However I think it will important that you highlight the strengthens and flaws in each of their views. For example the purist belief in magic being used in a particular way may limit innovation, however it also limits abuses. This...
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    What are the Consequences of using Magic in your World?

    One of the consequences that I have been thinking about is in regards to mages that use summons. In Naruto the ninjas have to draw blood in order to summon creatures. So I thought it would be interesting to push it further. When a mage summons a creatures they must give up not only blood but...
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    Ways to travel between worlds?

    I like the idea of astral projection. What if to travel to a different world you have to project into a artificial body or golem.
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    Would like some feedback and ideas on my magic system still in work

    It is a cool starting point. I would recommend looking at how some other element based magic system work to get inspire some new ideas. l am a huge anime fan so look at demon slayer for the way it uses breathing technique , Fire Force in which characters have some form of psychokinesis but us it...
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    Random magic system Idea super rough

    Magic system 4parts Weapon These weapons are enchanted with particular powers/abilities. For example a bow that uses arrows made of light or a staff that can change its length (goku's staff for example). As the user trains and fights with the weapon the weapons powers get stranger or the...