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Random magic system Idea super rough

Magic system 4parts


These weapons are enchanted with particular powers/abilities. For example a bow that uses arrows made of light or a staff that can change its length (goku's staff for example). As the user trains and fights with the weapon the weapons powers get stranger or the weapon gains new ability for example if the staff can also grow in weight and width. Weapons also bond with users making them impossible for others to us unless their current user dies.


These items give the user control over certain elements and psychic abilities. An example would be a talisman granting the wearer control over fire, water or the ability to read minds. Talismans does not bond with users and can be shared or stolen. Additionally talismans are not unique and they may be multiple talismans that do the same thing. They are powerful however users can lose control of the Talisman in which it can break destroying the user.


Genetic abilities can be inherited and give the person the ability to transform parts of their body. For example toguro from yu yu hakusho. People with genetic abilities usually are compelled and encouraged to have a lot of children. Most Genetic users have enhanced healing and after transforming their bodies for long periods of time their forms can permanently change. Sometimes this can affect them mentally causing them to become mentally unstable.


By sacrificing a part of their body, summons can bring powerful demons and creatures into our world. After the summoner makes a pact with a demon the body part usually an arm, leg, hand will turn black. When they summon the demon the body part vanishes. If the summoner's demon stays too long in our realm they will lose more of their flesh. Summoners have a sacrifice move in which they can give their entire body to the demon. In these cases the demon can remain in our plane for nearly the lifespan of a human.