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  1. Joieandlove

    Who let the dragon out again?

    Well, thought I might come by and saw hi, give little facts bout me and just say hi! Female 30's want to be writers Nerd Anime freak a bit loves nature has an odd cat lover of books has too many books Lives in MI
  2. John Dragneel

    Looking for help

    Hey everyone I am brand new to this website but I came looking for help. I am planning on writing a book and need helps with name for nations/countries/factions. This is just the start and I will probably need help with other stuff too but for now this is what I need. If anyone has the time...
  3. D

    Books with the fall/corruption arc?

    So I've just started fleshing out the idea for my story and my main character is going to follow the fall or corruption arc (so start of fairly good and slowly change into a villain). I've been trying to look for fantasy book or series that achieve this well because I've never really read a...
  4. D

    Book Suggestions?

    Writing a young adult novel for the first time but haven't really read one (didn't have YA when I was a teen) The novel I plan to write is fantasy/dystopian so I would like to read books similar to what I am writing. My story is about a teenage human girl who lives with a magical race. They...
  5. rhd

    A World of Horror - Amazon Giveaway!!

    Hi guys, my editor is having an Amazon giveaway for a copy of our anthology A World of Horror. Here's the link to the book: http://a.co/d/ebJSaX6 Click on this link to participate: Amazon Giveaways This is the Goodreads page if you want to have a look: A World of Horror by Eric J. Guignard...