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Book Suggestions?

Writing a young adult novel for the first time but haven't really read one (didn't have YA when I was a teen)
The novel I plan to write is fantasy/dystopian so I would like to read books similar to what I am writing.

My story is about a teenage human girl who lives with a magical race. They rely on magic just to live, so when it mysteriously starts to disappear from their forest, magical beings begin to get sick and die.

Anna, is the only one immune from it (being non-magical). She leaves the safety of her home to find answers only to find the outside world is brutal. There is an extermination of humans going on that she gets caught up in, makes friends and enemies along the way. She is determined to secure the future for her community and her race even if it means using an ancient magic that can prove deadly to humans.

Anything similar? So far looking at "the Hunger Games" "Mistborn" and "Elrantris"


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I'm not well versed in these genres, but as far as I'm aware, The Hunger Games is YA/Dystopian, and it was wildly successful, so it should be a good reference.
Have you been on Wattpad?
There is a book on there that has, what seems to me, a similar outline minus the magic aspects. The book is The Last She, unfortunately I do not remember the authors name but you can search the title. It has a dystopian theme is quite well written.


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Maybe Red Rising? It's more sci-fi but the first book definitely has a Hunger Games feel to it.