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What's your current favorite book/series?


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I always have an endless list of books I love. One I am currently favoring is The Mortal Instruments. I want to hear yours!


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The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco always jumps to mind, along with LoTR and ASoIaF. And, of course, Eve of Snows, heh heh.


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Mine, of course ;)

I dont know. Probably Watership Down. I am not what could be called a voracious reader. I am more of a sporadic reader. Last book I read that I enjoyed was the divine comedy.

From members on the site, I liked Malik's Dragon's Trail, and Outpost, by Mr. Ervin. (Not Gotten to Eve of Snows yet, I am in writing mode).
Slightly more unusual picks: The Black Magician Trilogy by Trudi Canavan, and The Gentlemen Bastards series by Scott Lynch.

Or if you like local indie books; the Crystal War Saga... ;)
The White Queen which the second part of a whopping fifteen book Plantagenet series. It was on offer on good old Amazon and I wanted historically accurate inspiration for my series that I’m working on. I’ve also just started reading a novel called The Wolf and the Woodsman which is set in a really intriguing world.

If you’re talking about this one pmmg, I can’t stop saving snapshots from this for inspiration.


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I put a link above. I am not sure, but it looks right...but there have been a lot out in the last few years. Its seems a period the miniseries people like to visit. So far, I liked all I had watched. But I did not see the one of Mary Queen of scots.

I have seen a documentary on Richard the III, and of course, they found him. I might be the one you are looking at. I dont know.

Actually, looking at the picture, I think that is the actor who played Richard in the background. The others have blended too much for me.
I think you put the link up just as I had posted, yes it’s the same one. I think Jodie Comer starred in a new one called something similar, but I just don’t see Jodie as Elizabeth of York…

I have so many historical dramas on my never ending list. I watched some of the Tudors when it came out (hello Henry Cavill) but also need to watch The Borgias. I have The King on my list too. So many things to watch so little time and all that.


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There are two Borgia tv series out. I saw the earlier one with John Doman playing the title role. I've not seen the more recent Netflix one. I feel like, been there done that already. It was good, but gritty.

I feel I've hijacked this girls thread enough....going back to books :)


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I dont even know what the last series I read was. I read a lot of book 1's, but not too many series's. I read the Silmarillion recently, that's kind of a series book.
My favourite series at this point is probably The Long Price Quartet by Daniel Abraham, while my favourite individual book is probably Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky.